Owner: Altamarie Woods, MS Holistic Hair Health Specialist

As the owner of Taprootz, I foster the relationship between hair and holistic health by working with clients to maintain beneficial practices that involve conscious decision making that reflects spiritual, mental, and physical health .My naturally holistic approach to hair health care encompasses my training and expertise in the areas of agriculture, animal science, biology, molecular biology, nursing, maternal health and education. Consultation services offer holistic alternatives to address hair health and related, contributing factors, improving total well-being and self-image.


To provide hair health care services and consultations centered around growing, nurturing and maintaining healthy hair.


To aid individuals in living a more ancestral lifestyle by accompanying them on their hair journey to restore their hairs vitality and mental tranquility.


Educate clients to incorporate nutrient rich foods, herbs, herbal supplements, essential oils, and supportive lifestyle practices, to ultimately improve overall well being by facilitating self healing in the scope of natural hair health care.

Let’s Grow Strong together.