What I Want

Today is a very special day for me because on this day I made my Earthly debut. I know I am not alone, there are a few others, Tupac being the most significant to my life. Anyway, I have been celebrating me and I thinking of what gift would be the greatest, this year at this time.

I am appreciative of all that I have and hopeful for all that’s to come. If I had one wish, or two since I’m Gemini by nature, it would be for any type of racism be demolished and justice be served, in relation to racist acts (individual, systemic, structural, institutional, hidden, blatant).

So, for my bearthday and the rest of this month, I would like you to 1) join me in focusing and collecting energy for . 2) Encourage as many people as you can to do the same. 3)Be a part of positive progression and not a part of the problem.

Take a knee, a moment of silence, honor and say the names of those who’ve lost their lives in the struggle (past and present), think of how or what you can change, think of justice, pray for strength, pray for peace, pray for compassion, pray for humanity, pray for peace, sing (“Better Days are Coming”, “How Many More Times”, “I Told the Storm”, “Encourage Yourself”…some of my favorites), dance, cry, chant, light a candle, burn some sage…whatever you can and feel…7:00 AM and 10:00 PM. Does that mean I won’t be praying any other times…no. My goal is to collectively pool our energies for change. I’m powerful alone, imagine the difference we can make together.

Give thanks to those who have been with me thus far. I feel the work we’ve been putting in. It matters not your religion or spirituality. We are united in the human race.

We can come together wherever we are…

…garden, car, home, work,

…bathroom, kitchen, candle light vigil, park

…be the light, be a warrior, be wise and be love.

Thump out!

A Call to Prayer

First, I want to start off by saying thank you Lord for this moment in time to be still and be one with you.

I thank you for allowing me to see another day, because the walls of my room last night could have been the walls of my casket however, you saw fit for me in this day.

I thank you for the things I sometimes take for granted: my ability to hear out of both of my ears, see out of both of my eyes..

I thank you Lord that my nervous system that is fully functioning so that I am able to know when I am hurt.

Thank you for the movement of my limbs and my ability to physically move independently through you.

Thank you for the roof over my head and the clothes that cover my back.

Thank you for the food that nourishes my body every day, it may not be what I want but I never have to go without.

Thank you God for sustaining me through these times that the world is facing and drawing me closer to you. Always providing me with the opportunity to know that you are alive and desire me to the fullest.

Thank you for my family who is well in health along with my friends.

I thank you God for every soul that is reading this prayer. I thank you for bringing them here and I ask that you allow them to know it was not by accident. I ask that everything I am praying for myself and those that I love will apply to them also.

I ask oh God that, you keep me covered in the blood of your son Jesus Christ, as I progress through this day. Keep me safe and aware of myself at all times. Allow me to hear you clearly when you speak to me whether that is through signs or directly in my ear and not doubt that it is you.

Allow me to be in tune with the discernment that you have gifted me with and not steer away from it. Allow me to look like you and smell like you when I am around others. Allow them not to see Courtney M. Biggs (insert your name) but allow them to see you which resides in me.

I thank you in advance for productivity in this day. I will be mindful of what I spend my time on, and I will be effective in this day. I thank you for allowing me to overcome the hurt of my past so that I am able to be relevant in the present. I thank you God for the WINS! I thank you Lord for the lows … the growth moments that draw me nearer to you and to who I am destined to be.

I denounce right now compromising for others’ comfortability. I speak that from this moment on I will stand for and speak up on what: I want, I like, I desire, I care about, I don’t care about, I love, I don’t like and anything else, shamelessly. Please grant me the courage to do so.

I denounce fears from any origin taking root in my life. I denounce and reject depression for myself and those around me .. and those whose name I don’t know but walk past during the day.

I ask for your love to surround and overtake me right now. Fill every vacant space within me and replace everything that is not like you. Help me oh God fight for what I love and the tenacity to not give up. I bind every voice in my mind that is not like you.

I am prosperous. I am a child of God. You have plans for me.

No weapon formed against thee shall prosper – Isaiah 54:17 KJV

I love you all, keep your head up. We got this!

Until next time -Courtney B.