You Look So Much Better When You SMILE

In honor of National Smile Month, I want to share with you all, my smile and I’s relationship. Just like all relationships, we’ve had our good and “not-so-good” moments.

Fun fact: I hated my smile when I was younger. 

One of the only things that my father left me was this huge gap. I used to think…out of all things…you left me with this one thing that I can’t hide. 

At one point, I wanted to smile with my mouth closed as much as I could, and I couldn’t get braces due to it being non-medical (cosmetic), therefore the insurance wouldn’t pay for it. 

Plot Twist: I love to laugh and it is very hard to laugh with my mouth closed. 

Fast forward: I started smiling more. I realized that my smile actually looked better when I showed my teeth, LOL. I began getting compliments on my smile (maybe because it was actually genuine now). Surprisingly, my smile started to become my thing. Not that fake “pose for a picture” smile, I’m talking about  the “I’m loving life” smile, the “I’m blessed” smile, the “I’m genuinely happy” smile, the “off guard, I’m being goofy” smile. I’ve been told it’s contagious, so here it is…

The point of me sharing this story is to say, embrace your insecurities. Nine times out of ten, you are your biggest critic. Love all of you, for what you are and how you were made. 

For fun here is a short list of things that make me smile: 

  1. Pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns
  2. When my baby brother tells me his jokes 
  3. Making other people smile
  4. Trying out new recipes that actually taste good 
  5. My bank account on pay day 
  6. Family dinner/game nights 
  7. Hot showers after a long day 
  8. Seeing my boyfriend dance when he doesn’t think I’m watching
  9. Surprise date nights
  10. Days that I’m able to do absolutely nothing are tied with self-care days 

Comment below with a picture of you smiling or a list of things that make you smile!!

LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE yourself first. Until next time. Mwauh 💋 -Alex