The Wait is Over

I am proud and pleased to present to you, for the first time ever, my new line of Ancestrally Waisted waistbeads…


These first 6 pieces were inspired by African Orishas: Elegua, Yemaya and Oshun, respectively.


The Elegua design was influenced largely by the current racial injustices, political inequities, and many who have suffered and are suffering. This grounding string of waist beads can aid in strengthening your Root chakra, focusing energy into positive forces, opening the channel to divine love. The dualistic nature of the color pattern represents opposing forces of forgiveness, Garnet stones lend kindness and compassion to self love and self worth. Black Onyx are added to enhance inner strength, will power and discipline, as well as help to calm nervousness, ease anxiety and soothe tempers.


Yemaya waist beads are intended to protect energies by preventing others from tapping into and draining yours. The color and number pattern variation of beads represent nurturing and loving yet direct and frank energies needed to effectively remove obstacles and protect all things female. Ideal for rites of passage into womanhood and motherhood. The ocean is symbolized by the Sodalite beads. Sodalite heightens intuition, observation, creativity and mental ability. It also aids with stress and anxiety reduction, Labrodorite offers a portal into self discovery by activating your inner eye. Strength and unity can be drawn from these strands that hold together the interconnectedness of creation.


Oshun beads represent mental clarity and intellect in matters of love, relationships, prosperity, wealth, and health. Reminding you to live life like it’s golden leaving a blaze of transformative, energy that illuminates from your strong core of confidence. Tiger’s eye stimulates the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras; assisting with the remaining grounded, centered and balanced, no matter the conditions…internal or external. African Green Jasper aids to balance the Earthly world, spiritual wisdom and the sacred interaction of life in and with nature. It also is recognized for properties that help one heal and release obsessions and disease, drive away evil spirits and harmful thoughts and restore harmony and balance to your emotional body energy, making it an excellent sleep stone.

Please contact me to discuss these waist beads or any other waist beads that you may be interested in learning more about, or ordering. I love tailoring them for specific wants and needs as much as I enjoy connecting with you and creating what feels right. Your options are limitless when it comes to design, color, stones, intention and purpose.

Look for Ancestrally Waisted beads on Thump In Thought and Instagram until further notice. Prices range from $15-$30, depending on the types of beads and number of gemstones included. I am currently working to offer online purchasing options but for the time being you may message me here @thumpinthought, on my personal IG, and

If you haven’t already, check out my Ancestrally Waisted (HEAL) post from July 2.

Thump Out!

A Love Letter To My Black Brothers

To my Black Kings; 

To my younger brothers, my boyfriend, my friends that feel like brothers, my cousins, my uncles, my grandfather, my future son.

To the ones that I’ve only met in passing.

To the ones I’ve never met at all.

Words can not adequately express the emotions that are running through my body. The disgust, the hatred, the sadness, the pain, the exhaustion, the fear that I feel for you…

I’m scared for you. I’m hurting with you.  And I’m outraged.

Aside from that…shit, because of that, I want you to know this: 

You are appreciated. You are loved.  And you are valued.

Your brown skin is beautiful. You are in my prayers.  AND YOUR LIFE MATTERS!

Send this to the Black Kings in your life to remind them of the love you have for them. To remind them that their value does not diminish based on the ignorance of others. 

Here are some pictures of some of mine:

Dear Black Kings, 

I love you. 

 Forever and Always, 

-Alex 🖤

#Pause #Pray #Protect #Protest #Peace

Evening Everyone! I just finished praying with my youngest son who is four years old. Trying to explain to him why he’s finding what’s going on in the outside world to be “a little confusing”. I say outside world, because in his world, he know’s he is loved, respected, valued, protected and treated like royalty. He knows he comes from kings and queens. He knows how great we are and can be. He knows he can do anything (that his parents allow). He is full of love, hope, courage, strength, curiosity, and kindness. He is brilliant in every sense of the word. As, his mother it is my job to prepare him for as much as possible and what I can’t provide or control…I pray about.

I invite and encourage you to join me at 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM, every day this month, for collective observances. I will be at my alter with my candles, my stones, my mind and my heart, for at least 10 minutes.

You can #Pause and take a moment to remember those murdered at the hands of the law enforcement, evil doers, and anyone else who unjustly and undeservingly take the lives of our children, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. You can #Pause if you’re not sure whether what’s about to leave your mind by way of your mouth, will be helpful or hurtful. By all means take a moment to think. You may decide that your words are not whats needed or asked for at that time, or ever.

You can #Pray, if that’s what you do. I do believe that prayer in numbers, at the same time, for the same purpose can be powerful and productive. Pray for justice, equality, rights: you know, all the things we deserve and should have. If that’s not your thing then just close your eyes and think. Think about how you can help, how you can be compassionate, how you wish things were better, or just think about the names of the victims you can remember and or name: then say their name with respect and/or remorse.

You can #Protect yourself and your loved ones, by any means necessary. I will do anything for mine…ANYTHING (educate, nurture, fight for and die for). There is nothing more important to me, than the lives I brought into this world.

You can #Protest in whatever fashion you see fit. You can also pray for the protection of those who are protesting and risking their lives for our lives and legacies to be preserved.

If none of that resonates with you, please find it in your heart and conscious to do SOMETHING that will bring #Peace.

Thump out!

This is one of my faves. Describes what I’m doing at 7:00 and 10:00…

To Grow or Not to Grow…

Lately I’ve been thinking about my journeys and how much I think I’ve grown. Growth can be defined as a gradual development…of any kind.

I’ve just been growing…

and GROWing…


and cutting and GROWING

Growth isn’t usually effortless. It takes some work or energy being used to fuel the process. Sometimes we have little control over the amount of effort being put forth, or the level of ability, capability and willingness of another person. If you don’t receive what’s needed to develop optimally as an embryo, infant, child or adolescent, your growth and could be stunted. Other times we have interruptions that present challenges that must be overcome before we can begin to regenerate growth. For me, that just makes growing more rewarding.

When I had my last child, I decided to nurse him exclusively, make all of his food myself, and I did not want him to have to be cared for by anyone other than me or his father. That required me to make sacrifices so that I could give him, what I thought was the best that I could give him. I don’t regret any of it. I can see the fruits of my labor (in each of my children).

Growth is not always inevitable but I know that if I take care of, feed properly, nurture, and love myself, my hair, my plants, my children, my mind, my faith: Growth is inevitable. Keep growing & glowing like my big baby-girl, Alex.

Thump out

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

“Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile”

Mother Teresa

What truly makes Chavon smile ??

1.   ME



There are quite a few things I can think about that may put a smile on my face. This may sound a bit weird, but I (Chavon Parker) make me smile. There have been times when I would just sit and think about something stupid I may have done or said in the previous days or weeks and I’ll just crack a smile and laugh to myself. Sometimes I’ll catch myself talking to myself and just look around to see if anybody heard me. In most cases, they always hear me, lol.

On another note, my genuine friends and family are such a light in my life. When I’m feeling blue, I know who I can turn to, just to brighten my day and in the blink of an eye, A SMILE or just plain laughter is expressed across my face. I cherish the few friendships that I do have and I love them with everything in me. They may not know it but on days I really need a good laugh, they always get the job done.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

—Anais Nin

Honestly, every single day that we wake up we should feel joy, but then when life hits us with a wave of sadness, disappointment, and so forth that may tamper with our energy. I encourage you to try and smile through it all. Be happy you’re alive and well. If you’re not too well, just be blessed because you’re still here to see your loved ones, the beauty of the outside world: trees, the sky, the sun, the moon, the birds, the bees…you get it!


Just think, there are more reasons to smile than you know because someone else may not have gotten the privilege of waking up to see another beautiful day. They didn’t get to take in a fresh breath of air. But YOU DID 😌

Until Next Time,

Chavon 💕

Smilin’ For What

“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don’t be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning ‘Good morning’ at total strangers.”

Maya Angelou

I used to give my smiles away much more freely and willingly when I was a child. Compliments on it were constant. People loved to see it, so I gave them what they wanted. What they expected, whether they deserved it or not. As I aged my smile was flashed much more selectively. You had to work hard to earn a genuine one from me.

Today I smile because I’m happy with myself, at peace with my situations and content with my space. Being thankful and grateful for everything. Understanding the lessons and blessings in “good” and “bad” situations. The act of smiling actually has the ability to activate neurotransmitter and neuropeptide release. In other words, we can fake a smile and fool our body into thinking we’re in a better mood than we are, which in turn helps us feel better (fake it till you make it).

Right now, I don’t have to fake anything in that regard. These kittens that I rescued have been a source of smiles, laughs and love. I can’t help but smile, even when I’m fussing about the sneak attack of my feet as I walk through the hallway. Things you hear us (animal scientists, biologists, animal lovers) say about therapeutic affects animals/pets have on mental health conditions (stress, anxiety, depression) are true.

*May is designated as National Pet Month to celebrate the symbiotic relationship between people and their pets.

In the midst of a pandemic, complete with possible food shortages and resource scarcity, decreased employment and homeschooling, I found four new reasons to smile…

…and a month later, just when I thought my heart would explode with feline love, another kitten emerged from my shed.

Somehow, she was not detected during the kitten rescue 6 weeks ago. Not somehow, animals are resilient and have amazing instinctual abilities. My children left the shed open and I guess she thought she would make a run for it (past my dog who patrols the yard). Everything about the birth, retrieval, fostering, them surviving and thriving is a miracle. I couldn’t be happier for them to all be reunited and alive; I’m just as honored to have been chosen to be their human mother.

Their biological mother lost her life protecting them and hid them where she thought or knew they would be safe. I take my duties as caregiver extremely serious. My skills and talents of animal intensive care and my ability to administer TLC (Thumper Loving Care) have served them well. Soon, some of them will be going to new homes and I know I’ll be sad to see them leave…but for now I’m smiling.

Now, when you see my smile…

It is organic, intentional and purposeful.

I’m expressing admiration, adoration, pride, pleasure and/or love.

I’m recalling a joyous and memorable event, feeling or thought.

I’m being my true, fabulous, shining self.

I’m doing what I love.

It’s the only outlet left to allow the overflow of joy within me to show itself.

I challenge you to find 3 reasons to smile each day; morning, noon and night.

  1. My son was born today!
  2. The kittens are so cute when they’re sleep!
  3. I’m Thumper!

See, not difficult at all!!!

Take a minute, be still, look around or close your eyes and look inside . What’s the first thing that comes to mind? thankful for it and smile.

Love Yours

Lately, I’ve been trying doing a lot of thinking. I Decided not to post last week because I was was going through a little something. With Mother’s Day approaching on the 10th, I felt a wave of sadness come over me. I lost my mom five years ago February 2, 2015 and lost my grandma March 2, 2018. True heart break.

Thinking of the relationship I had with both my mom and grandma makes me feel warmth in my heart. My mom was pretty strict, but would give me just about anything I wanted. I remember going shopping with my mom and asking her to buy me this and that. When she would say NO, I’d get a little upset and for some reason she would feel bad and get me what I asked. CAN YOU SAY SPOILED!!!! Over the years I learned to be grateful of the things I was blessed with and not to get upset over the things I didn’t have. When I was in high school, my mom always made sure I had at least $40 a week for the ala cart line. She knew I didn’t care for the food in the regular line! And she was not going to see me go hungry that’s for sure. Man how lucky was I to have this woman in my life…

My grandma was literally my best friend- we had a bond that was unmatched. I could tell a joke and she would be right there laughing saying “girl get out my face acting crazy” or “go way from here” Yes “GO WAY” lol. She taught me so much. Taught me the importance of knowing how to cook for myself, cleaning, gardening, keeping it classy, being humble, and so much more.

Two of the strongest Queens raised a young Black Queen… Raised a young lady who is creative, nurturing, optimistic, and God fearing. For that, I thank them. I love them. I miss them. Although they aren’t with me physically, our relationship remains SOLID.

Love yours until the end of time.