Rock An Easy Cook-out Even If It Rains

Has it been raining on your side of town lately? In my city, I get one day of pure sun-shine and the next, rain instead of sun-shine. One of the days mother earth decided to moisturize herself, was a day I had planned on cooking out on the grill, this meant of course that I could not and had to find an alternative meal… or did I?

How’s that saying go? Where there is a will,  there is a way. Let’s just say I got my cook-out meal, just in a different way.

Below is the recipe I used to achieve my indoor cook-out dinner

If  you are someone who does not eat chicken you can play with recipe and replace it with salmon or your desired meat replacement.

Recipe directions below

Main course Ingredients:

  • 1 head broccoli – shaved
  • 1 lemon – juiced
  • 1 pinch chili flakes
  • 1 dozen chicken drumsticks
  • 1 bunch scallions – root ends trimmed
  • 2 tbsp olive oil + 1 tsp
  • 1 tsp honey
  • kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

Ingredients needed for the Southwestern rub:

  • 2 tbsp sweet, smoked paprika
  • 1 tbsp ground cumin
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp kosher salt
  • 3 tbsp chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp cayenne
  • 1 tbsp ground coriander
  • 1 tbsp onion powder
  • 1 tbsp ground black pepper
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees
  2. Line a rimmed baking sheet with aluminum foil
  3. On the left side of the baking sheet, add the chicken drumsticks
  4. Drizzle with a tbsp of olive oil, then season with the Southwestern Spice Rub
  5. Next to the chicken, add the scallions and jalapenos, then drizzle with a tsp of olive oil and season with salt and pepper
  6. Bake for 30 minutes
  7. Finely chop the scallions and jalapenos, then add them to a large bowl
  8. Add the lemon juice, honey, and chili flakes, and mix
  9. Season with salt and pepper as needed
  10. Add the shaved broccoli and toss until coated all over
  11. Remove the chicken and the broccoli to serving platters

And there you have it!

A quick cookout, accomplished by not going outside.

A meal is never complete without something a little sweet. To end the night with a bang, you can make home-made popsicles… Adult Version!

All you will need for this is:

  1. A freezer

2. Juice

3. Your preferred spirit

4. Popsicle molder


First pour one shot of your spirits into the mold, two if you want them potent, and then fill the rest of the mold with your juice.

After that allow the mold to sit in the freezer for about an hour and a half ( the time it will take to make dinner) and then enjoy.

Side note: For children you remove the spirit ingredient!

I hope you enjoy this meal, and leave a comment below sharing your thoughts!

Grilled veggie pockets

(serves 6-8)

4 potatoes peeled and cubed

12 oz pack of frozen mixed vegetables

1 packet Lipton onion soup mix

Butter (you don’t need much)

The idea is to mix it all together, divide even portions onto foil squares large enough to fold and enclose vegetables, put the packets on the grill until veggies are tender. Maybe 15-20 minutes. The size of your potatoes will determine the cook time. I cooked the potatoes for 7-8 minutes, then added the veggies and cooked for another 8-10 minutes but I like my potatoes soft and my veggies a lil on the crunchy side.

Of course you can add or substitute ingredients. If you do please share your variation.


Self Care, Self Check

As crazy and uncomfortable as “life” has been lately, the sun continues to shine, the birds continue to sing, the flowers continue to bloom, rain continues to fall and the world continues to turn.

The seemingly growing ever present concern for the safety and livelihood of my family has been riding shotgun while the responsibility to take better care of my whole self took a back seat. I am feeling the imbalance and it’s time to make the necessary self care adjustments to get back in-balance..

Mentally, I am always on the go. Overactive may be an understatement. There is always a question to answer, a plan to construct, a code to decipher, a problem to solve, and a dream to dream that requires more in depth planning. One way that I calm or gather my thoughts is by journaling, reading, and resting. I have a few books that I’m reading; now would be a great time to finish one. I also registered for a class that I’ve wanted to take but hadn’t made time to.

Socially, I’m forced to set new boundaries to minimize exposure to COVID19 and to maintain my sanity. People are showing true colors, masks are being removed, sheep clothing coming off and my heart and mind are too valuable to entertain fictitious interest, concern or emotions. I am craving some adult interaction, after months and months of quarentining and minimizing outings but I won’t complain because that may be a blessing in disguise. I enjoying writing and receiving letters in the mail so I have found myself sending letters, cards and care packages more, to stay connected. I have met and had conversations with people in my neighborhood since we’ve been home and outside of our houses more. Some of us have formed a support system to help each other in times of need. We share stories, concerns, ideas, supplies, time and fresh produce. With all that’s going on, that has been a nice reality to embrace.

Showing love to support black businesses is another social self care component. Mind Your Money Mondays have been uplifting to our tribe and empowering. I hope everyone is paying it forward. I wear my Support Black Colleges apparel with pride, I nourish my skin and lips with Urban Elite Beauty’s 24K serum and lip balm. I moisturize with Base Butter at night and purify my sacred space with smudge bundles from Gypsy Yoga Mama and meditate with energy infused Melanated Empath candles burning nearby. I hope everyone is paying it forward.

Spatially, I spend time in my garden planting, cultivating, propogating, pruning and harvesting. Inside of the house, I’ve been rearranging, sorting and organizing so I may be more productive and efficient.

Emotionally, being creative and sharing with the intentionality of improving someone’s day, outlook, quality of life, self-image or over all well being feeds my soul. I have been creating Ancestrally Waisted waist beads for all of those reasons. The energetically charged functional pieces of art allow me to be generous with my abilities to help and heal.

Spiritually, I have continued to pray and meditate, strengthening my relationship with myself and the Most High. This month I will focus on journaling more and yoga at least 3 times a week.

Physically, I have been making more of an effort than I ever have before to strengthen and tone this body that may look amazing for its age, but is not getting any younger. Nor is commiting to an excercise routine getting any easier.

Two months ago I began to workout regularly in the comfort of my home. I do not workout. I repeat, I do not work out but I wanted my children and I to stay active and to do more things together as a family. Well that didn’t happen like I hoped it would. May and June I managed to work out 4 days a week for 2-3 weeks (each month). Last month I didn’t work out at all. I do yoga sometimes, in spurts, but lately I haven’t. I’ve been feeling sluggish, bloated, and have been having frequent headaches and some body aches (back, shoulder, hips and knees).

Nutritionally, I’m going to eat cleaner, juice more, eat more raw meals (uncooked fruit, vegetables, sprouts) and increase my daily water intake. I am planning to cleanse my digestive system (along with my thoughts, my words) at the beginning of September. In preparation, I am starting, in August, to gradually eliminate toxins, undesirable and unhealthy elements from my life. I don’t want to send my body into shock by suddenly altering how I feed it.

As I analyze my eating habits I can’t overlook the fact that I do not drink enough water. I have to correct that and I may need your help. I like to infuse my water with cucumbers, lemon and mint. I would love to see what you add to your water (if anything).

I know I am not the only one who doesn’t drink enough water. Wouldn’t it be dope to encourage one another to hydrate adequately. I’m anxious to see what will change and/or improve if I fill up on an essential life force. Please join us August 3-31, for a 28 day water challenge.

How many ounces of water is the “right” amount to drink each day?

Your body weight divided by 2;

A 140 pound person would need to drink 70 ounces of water. This is only an approximate calculation. Keep in mind, if you’re physically active, sweating a lot, you may need to drink more water. This is how I am determining my daily intake. I have heard 8 glasses of water a day as a baseline and I have also seen a recommendation of 91 oz for women, 125 oz for men. Decide what is right for you and set your challenge goal.

Why is water important?

Maintain body temperatureTransports nutrients
Metabolize body fatAids in digestion (saliva)
Lubricates and cushions organsFacilitates cellular function
Removal of toxins/Transports wasteImproves skin and scalp function
Boosts immunityMaintain healthy nerve endings
Feeds hair rootHydrates hair follicles

Water Challenge

I will post pictures on my personal IG @TruthIzBeauty to remind and motivate others to drink “enough” water. It would be nice if those who participate post encouraging pictures or infusion suggestions with #TH2O and tag @thumpinthought and @truthizbeauty or send the pics, to (#TH20 in subject).

Send us a message so we can see whose with us. Let’s discover what we can drink into existance!

Thump out!




Since the ladies of Thump in Thought have been experimenting with different hair care products, We decided to list some black-owned hair care suppliers. You may notice a few of them have already been reviewed and some will be reviewed in the future.

  • Design Essentials
  • Pattern Beauty
  • Taliah Waajid
  • Mielle Organics
  • 26 King Wavy… for the fellas
  • Moisture Love
  • Miche
  • Camille Rose Naturals
  • Canvas Beauty Brand
  • CoCo Tique
  • Bask and Bloom Essentials
  • TPH by Taraji
  • Alikay Naturals
  • Obia Natural Haircare
  • Uncle Funky’s Daughter
  • Oyin Handmade
  • Amazing Botanicals
  • My Honeychild
  • KInky Curly
  • BeeMine Products
  • TGIN (Thank God I’m Natural)
  • Curls
  • Girls with Curls
  • Natural Joy Skincare
  • Adwoa Beauty
  • Alodia
  • Antidote Street
  • Avalah Beauty

Please share your favorite, go-to brands and/or products with us and if you try any from the businesses listed let us know!

Hair Journal: Searching for Simplicity

Over the last 8 weeks, I have been experimenting with different hair product and product lines. I am one who prefers not to put things in or on her hair, if I can help it. I have noticed that this miniature afro of mine is not very happy if I don’t. It cries, “Feed Me”, “I’m drying out over here”, “Just don’t touch me”. Finding reliable, go to products can be a challenge. More often than not, I seem to pick and choose one or two products but, finding an entire line I can trust…I’m determined. (Due to my dedication to supporting black owned businesses, I will only be reviewing those product lines that are).

Here we go:

May 21 – Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross

I ordered the sample kit. The shampoo and conditioner had a light and subtle scent, cucumbers came to mind. I washed my hair twice and I liked the shampoo because it cleansed my hair but did not strip it so much.

I followed with the heavy conditioner, which was not super thick or heavy and it spread really well throughout my hair. That’s important because you want the product evenly distributed over your entire head. I only needed four quarter size amounts to cover all of my hair. I combed through with a wide tooth comb, added a dime size more conditioner, and covered with a plastic bag for an hour.

After rinsing the conditioner out, my hair was not fuzzy (sometimes my hair has a fuzzy, wispy, cottony outer layer after washing and/or conditioning, depending on what I use).

I parted my hair and applied leave-in, It was a little thicker than the heavy conditioner. I used about the same amount of leave-in as the heavy conditioner.

It wasn’t visibly greasy but the product it self was slightly visible in areas.

After 2 hours, I picked out my hair. It was spongy, juicy, moist, well hydrated full afro, usually not as hydrated without using some curl cream or moisturizer.

+ Not greasy or heavy

+ Easy to use and distribute

– Doesn’t define my curls

Day 2

In the morning, my hair was coated but not greasy to touch. I then added the serum, curls were hydrated and stretched. My hair was very soft feeling for 2 days before I added water to the leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle and used that to two strand twist my hair.

…and the next day

May 30

I used Taliah Waajids’ Curls, Waves, and Naturals: Silk Milk Shampoo, Repair and Restore Masque, The Great Detangler Leave-In conditioner, and Curly Curl Cream.

The shampoo was very nice but, the conditioner didn’t feel that great on. Afterwards, the conditioner left my hair really soft.

The masque didn’t feel that good while I was applying, but my curls were well defined. I used a quarter sized amount of curly curl cream 6 times. I had tight curl definition with the curly curl cream, but my hair wasn’t as soft once dried. My hair dried clear after a hour of air drying.

The next morning, my hair was dry and drawn up. My curls were defined but very tight. I added the leave-in and souffle. It was hydrating and not greasy, but it wasn’t very defining, and I could feel a slight coating on my hair.

Stay tuned to see what brand and products I use next and to see how my hair responds. The journey continues…

Thump out!


Three more black owned businesses to show support…

I tried Calabash Tea for the first time two weeks ago and I was not disappointed. I am a self proclaimed herbal tea connoisseur and Simply Irresistible, Fat Black Pussy Cat, and All Night Long were definitely my cup of tea,

I personally use and love the versatility of the Mented lipstick neutral colors. I discovered them almost two years ago because I was in need of something subtle and natural looking. I have not bought any other lipstick since…well I did purchase 4 different colors (Nude LA LA, Dope Taupe, Brown Bear, and Mented #5).

Urban Elite Beauty came across my radar by happenstance but I decided to try their products to improve the condition of my aging skin. I’ll let you know what the results are in a few weeks.

Calabash Tea\



Mented Cosmetics

KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson created Mented Cosmetics because they believe every woman should be able to find herself in the world of beauty, no matter her skin tone. From their original nude lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes to blushes, each of their makeup products is perfectly pigMented to match your skin tones. They want all women, from light to tan to dark skin tones, to feel like they have makeup that actually works for their complexions, so they’ve created the shades to help accomplish that.

Urban Elite Beauty

Urban Elite Beauty, LLC was founded by David Benton in 2019 and started out as a holistic online beauty supply store. We started out selling hair , extensions, clippers, beard oils etc. January, 2020 I decided to narrow my niche for more of an exclusive product! I stumble upon an idea while watching Benjamin Button on Netflix!  I said,” what if I can come up with a product that will keep people young for a very long time” I did research and came up with the perfect product, an anti-aging serum that is now called the 24K Miracle Moisture Serum. It is a serum that fights our daily skin problems, especially as we age, such as dark spots, blemishes, acne, wrinkles, fine lines and more. Using 3 drops in the morning for about 90 seconds and 3 drops in the evening before bed will do miracles to your skin!  The 24K Miracle Moisture Luxury Skincare Collection consists of a serum, eye collagen mask, and lip balm, by the way is no ordinary lip balm. It will give you a hint of color that goes naturally with your skin tone. We have helped countless people with their skin issues and look forward to the countless people we are going to help. Please check out a few of our customers who consistently used our products and achieved massive results! For ordering information you can put link in your browser or go to


Melanated Empath Candle Co. and Emporium

*Featured in the Thump in Thought giveaway boxes


Some members (IG handles): @whyhnotduce @whynothauch @whynotneen @whynotflee @whynotgotti

WHYNOTus is a group of young innovators from Virginia. Their mission is to help their brand grow and to push the mentality of people to ask WHY can’t they be the next (superstar/doctor/model/artist/professional athlete, etc.) 

They have people in their group who have a strong passion for making clothes, music, designing logos, promoting, etc. 

Motivational words for you: You can literally do whatever you want to do in life. Continue to grind and nothing in life is guaranteed to you. Figure out what success truly means to you besides the riches and fame. 

Apparel available :

Phone: 804-467-2042

Instagram: @whynotusva 

Toffi Streetwear Clothing 


In 2017, WHYNOTNeen began graphic designing for fun and ended up teaching himself how to make logos and cover art from YouTube videos. He end up creating the original teddy bear logo, but it was WHYNOTFlee that gave him the name, “Toffi.” At that point, there was no meaning behind that name, but it sounded dope and different so they decided to us it. 

Now that the brand has expanded, they decided to add meaning behind it, as originally they just wanted to wear clothing that they like. They weren’t planning on it being a big brand. 

That why they came up with:



(F)riends &



They wanted to provide their own streetwear brand to their friends and family which has eventually extended to everyone (the Toffi family). 


Instagram: @tofficlothing 

The Wait is Over

I am proud and pleased to present to you, for the first time ever, my new line of Ancestrally Waisted waistbeads…


These first 6 pieces were inspired by African Orishas: Elegua, Yemaya and Oshun, respectively.


The Elegua design was influenced largely by the current racial injustices, political inequities, and many who have suffered and are suffering. This grounding string of waist beads can aid in strengthening your Root chakra, focusing energy into positive forces, opening the channel to divine love. The dualistic nature of the color pattern represents opposing forces of forgiveness, Garnet stones lend kindness and compassion to self love and self worth. Black Onyx are added to enhance inner strength, will power and discipline, as well as help to calm nervousness, ease anxiety and soothe tempers.


Yemaya waist beads are intended to protect energies by preventing others from tapping into and draining yours. The color and number pattern variation of beads represent nurturing and loving yet direct and frank energies needed to effectively remove obstacles and protect all things female. Ideal for rites of passage into womanhood and motherhood. The ocean is symbolized by the Sodalite beads. Sodalite heightens intuition, observation, creativity and mental ability. It also aids with stress and anxiety reduction, Labrodorite offers a portal into self discovery by activating your inner eye. Strength and unity can be drawn from these strands that hold together the interconnectedness of creation.


Oshun beads represent mental clarity and intellect in matters of love, relationships, prosperity, wealth, and health. Reminding you to live life like it’s golden leaving a blaze of transformative, energy that illuminates from your strong core of confidence. Tiger’s eye stimulates the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras; assisting with the remaining grounded, centered and balanced, no matter the conditions…internal or external. African Green Jasper aids to balance the Earthly world, spiritual wisdom and the sacred interaction of life in and with nature. It also is recognized for properties that help one heal and release obsessions and disease, drive away evil spirits and harmful thoughts and restore harmony and balance to your emotional body energy, making it an excellent sleep stone.

Please contact me to discuss these waist beads or any other waist beads that you may be interested in learning more about, or ordering. I love tailoring them for specific wants and needs as much as I enjoy connecting with you and creating what feels right. Your options are limitless when it comes to design, color, stones, intention and purpose.

Look for Ancestrally Waisted beads on Thump In Thought and Instagram until further notice. Prices range from $15-$30, depending on the types of beads and number of gemstones included. I am currently working to offer online purchasing options but for the time being you may message me here @thumpinthought, on my personal IG, and

If you haven’t already, check out my Ancestrally Waisted (HEAL) post from July 2.

Thump Out!

F. F. T. (Food For Thought)

Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp over Salmon and Quinoa

About 2.5 years ago, I came across this Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp recipe on Pinterest and it has been my favorite meal to cook ever since! Shortly after that, I decided to try it with Salmon for my boyfriend and I’s first anniversary (I also found this recipe on Pinterest). I had each recipe over rice or noodles, but I preferred the rice. This meal is definitely a fan favorite, especially of Courtney B. and my boyfriend.  This time I made it, I decided to switch it up though and combine the two recipes. It wasn’t hard  to do at all. I cooked the salmon first and put it over quinoa (YUMMY!), and then followed the shrimp recipe.

After I completed the entire recipe, I poured the sauce over the salmon. I have not tried making it with the optional white wine yet, because the recipe amazes me without it, but I will include that addition in the future. I also like to add mushrooms in when I’m frying the onion. I highly recommend this! Try it out and let me know how you like it. If you are a seafood and alfredo lover, I promise you will not be disappointed! Also, let me know if you add any additional ingredients that you think makes it taste better!

Pretzel Salad

Ingredients Needed:

1 Bag a stick pretzels 

1 12oz container of cool whip 

8oz block of cream cheese


1 stick and a half of butter


First mix the pretzel sticks, melted butter, and 1/2 cup of sugar. 

Next Bake in oven for about 7 mins, take out once sugar is crystalized on pretzels.

Let it cool down.

In a large bowl (glass, bamboo, or silicon preferably) #savetheEarth

beat cream cheese and another 1/2 cup of sugar together until creamy and smooth.

Next stir in the drained can of crushed pineapples and full 12 oz container of cool whip

Lastly mix in the the pretzel pieces, be sure to get the left over butter and sugar for extra flavor! 

Refrigerate for about and hour and it is ready to eat! 

If you have any recipes that you would like to share, please send them to to be showcased on the first Tuesday of next month!

M.Y.M.M. (Mind Your Money Monday)

Thump In Thought is dedicated and determined to promote and support businesses owned by people of color. As a business owner and a woman of color, I want to be an example and mentor for other entrepreneurs. We’re in this thing called “life” together and together we are GREATER. Let’s put cooperative economics into daily practice and be conscious of where we spend (invest) our money. I hope you visit the websites of the businesses featured. You may find what you’re looking for or better yet, you may find something you didn’t even know you needed.

Shayola, The Artisan

Shayola, The Artisan is a Brooklyn native who’s called Richmond, VA home for the last 20 years.  Shayola is a former mental health professional and home-bound teacher for the private and public sectors in Richmond.  January of 2000, Shayola began to transition back to a natural living lifestyle both personally & professionally and in 2015, created Holistic Alayé pronounced (ah-lay-yay) and meaning (living).  Holistic Alayé LLC was created to share Shayola’s vegan culinary talents and vision with communities throughout the DMV area.  Today Holistic Alayé offers nourishment to mind, body, spirit and currency (economics).  Holistic Alayé is the parent company of Mermaids & Muffins, which offers fresh Yoni Steam Blends, A Yoni Diary (7 part womb workshop), Sacred Woman Treasure Chests & Wombman support tribe.  As well as Return to Your Royalty, a gold exchange company, where we share the art turning paper dollars into an appreciating asset, which is GOLD!  Shayola continues her journey as a Sacred Woman Practitioner, Womb Yoga Dance Practitioner, Yoni Steam Practitioner, an enthusiastic Vegan Chef,  Emerald Green Practitioner, author of 5D Prosperity, A guide to a Light body through DeProgrammimg, DeStressing, Detoxification, Discipline & Discernment and Wealth Builder & Gold Saver!


Instagram: shayola_the_artisan

Briana Young-Roane

Gypsy Yoga Mama Brand


Instagram: @thegypsyyogamama & @gypsyyogamamatribe


At GYM we are a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping people of color find magic in their everyday lives. We are here for it all! Yoga, Movement & Meditation, Home Decor, Vegan Cooking, Gardening, and so much more. Gypsy Yoga Mama is the one stop shop for everyday magic.

Business Name: Breathe Yoga Studio



Description: A boutique yoga studio dedicated to serve the community. 

Love, Light & Magic,

Briana Young-Roane

Isaiah Parham, Clean Cuts Landscaping

Services provided in Petersburg, Prince George and the surrounding areas. Prices vary depending on yard size.

Services offered: 

Mowing – starting at $25 (includes weed eating and edging) 

Mulch, shrub, flower, and border install 

Bush trimming 

Some tree limbing or cutting (based on the size) 

Call 804-898-2962 or email for a consultation or for more information.

Ancestrally Waisted

How many of you know what culturally based practice displays symbolic colors, patterns, and adornments to commemorate rights of passage, to promote fertility and track pregnancy, to signify birth, to display sensuality, to identify tribes, to acknowledge status and affluence, to empower, to protect, to uplift, to enlighten, to honor, to connect…

…Waist beads

As you can see, I am pretty petite, slim and narrow. I have a shape but I was aerodynamically blessed with minimal curves. However, if I turn to the side, you will see that I’ve had 4 children, the last by cesarean. My stomach is stretch-marked, wrinkled and rounded but when I tied my first strand of waist beads around my torso and let them fall to my hips I immediately felt more shapely, womanly, sexy and confident.

All that from some beads? Well, not just any beads. Let me take you back a bit. For my bearthday I decided that I wanted to make myself a set of waist beads. In true Thump fashion, I began to read and research. Much of what I found, I already had knowledge of so I went on to gather the right beads and other materials. I was ready to create…then I received a call informing me that my GrandmaMece was in the hospital and it didn’t sound good. I went to the hospital to find out exactly what had happened and to be with her. For those of you who don’t know, I took care of my grandmother for years once she was exhibiting signs of dementia. We also shared space often throughout my life, point being I would not leave her by herself. I spent 10 days in the hospital with her and one day at my father’s house before she took her last breath on this Earth. One of the hardest but most meaningful things I’ve ever done.

After that I needed to make my waist beads more than ever. It was therapeutic and restorative. When I pay attention and listen, spirit leads me to do what I need to at that time. Evidently it was time to connect my ancestors with myself and to share my wisdom and skills with my tribe. I made some for my daughters, friends and clients.

On July 5, 2018, I tied on 5 waist beads. July 7, I tied on 3 more and shortly after that, I tied on 2 more. I wore them for just about a year (a few days shy). During that time, I formed a different relationship with myself. I was learning to protect, ground, center, comfort, forgive, love, respect, adore, honor, uplift and celebrate ME.

All that from sacred waist beads.

Today I am proud to announce that I have been working diligently on a new line of waist beads inspired by the African Orishas. The first 3 are Elegua, Yemaya and Oshun. I intentionally incorporated powerful stones, colors, numerology, chakras and holistic healing.

My waist beads are designed to be tied, as our ancestors did. You can wear them however, whenever and wherever. I do believe that the beads come off when the time is right. That may mean they pop or you remove them. Each strand is made to order with individual concerns, issues, desires and aspirations in mind. I also cleanse, charge and bless each strand before sending/giving them to you.

I will debut my new line on July 10, 2020, on Instagram so be on the look out for an announcement. If you’re as excited as I am and can’t wait that long, you can place your order by direct message through the Thump In Thought Instagram page (@thumpinthought) or by email Please put “waist beads” for the subject and be sure to include contact info so we can discuss your wants and needs. I look forward to assisting you. Continue to be blessed and a blessing.

Thump out!