It’s all Relevant

“Perhaps the secret of living is not in having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company” -Rachel Naomi Remen

Who Am I?…Thumper

Greetings all!!! I am Thumper ….Yes, Thumper is what my mother named me. The picture above was taken shortly after my parents uprooted me from my native land of Los Angeles and transplanted me in Virginia. I imagine I was thinking of ways I’d have to acclimate and adapt to my new surroundings: A whole … Continue reading Who Am I?…Thumper

Who Am I?…Alexandra

Hey, hey! I’m Alexandra, but my friends call me Alex and my family calls me Sunny. I am currently a first-year graduate student pursuing my Master’s in Higher Education/Student Personnel. As I am balancing working 40 hours a week, being enrolled in a full-time graduate program, and maintaining a healthy social life, I have been … Continue reading Who Am I?…Alexandra

Who Am I?…Iesha

Good day 🌞 My name is Iesha, but everyone calls me E. I am a 27 year old (Gemini Gang ♊️☺️) wife and mother of 3. Also, owner of InerG’E LLC. I began my spiritual journey about 3 years ago. My family and I moved hundreds of miles away from home, due to the fact that my husband … Continue reading Who Am I?…Iesha

Who Am I?…Chavon

Hey Y’all! I’m Chavon Parker, most call me Von, Voni, Voni P, or just plain ole Andy. Yes, Andy! (Andy has been my nickname since a baby) I am a country girl from a little town called Stony Creek. I’ve been in Retail Management since the age of 18 and I absolutely love it! While, … Continue reading Who Am I?…Chavon

Who Am I?…Courtney

Hello beautiful beings my name is Courtney B, also known as Ceemarita on other social platforms and referred to as Court or Coco on the daily bases. Feel free to use whichever resonates most with you when engaging with me. My reason for engulfing you with my most inner thoughts (oouu scary), ideas (mmm then … Continue reading Who Am I?…Courtney