Horoscope Reading Needed

Not sure if my moons are aligned, if my suns are dislocated but whatever is going on up there… is affecting down here. I am sure of it.

I am in a place of semi- mental isolation I will call it.

I say mental isolation because it’s all in head. In actuality I am constantly surrounded by people. At work I deal with roughly 60 to 75 people a day not including my coworkers and when I’m home I am taking calls maybe from friends and family to maintain relationships or even business FaceTime calls.

I guess it’s just not the way I desire to be accompanied… 

However, I do know that this place which feels like seclusion to me is for the best. 

I know that if I had it my way in this moment it would be at the cost of all that I am working on achieving.

#distracted little lady

I have to stay focused on all of the projects I have my hand at right now because ultimately that is what I REALLY want. To accomplish these goals I have set for myself, to bring the ideas I have in my mind to life and I cannot do that with distractions.

I feel a shifting taking place… I’m not exactly sure what everything will look like on the other side of this but I am very optimistic. 

I have been feeling more so on my grown woman-ish: getting up in the morning even though my body is a little tired… to clean the house, and prepare for the day.

My daily routines have changed in this month of August. I am more intentional and particular about how I approach my day. I stay up late completing work when I am not super tired whereas I use to give into that lazy part of me that wanted to lay around and do something that probably wouldn’t add to anything I needed to accomplish.

I find myself standing firm in who I have grown into.. speaking up for the things I said I wouldn’t stand for and being honest with my emotions and present state. Both mental and physical.

I consciously dig deeper to find out why I feel that way and by doing so, it stops negative thoughts from creeping in trying to deceive me and pull me back to which I’ve grown from.

According to my general horoscope reading a Cancer like myself has been showing a lot of attention to others, and it suggested that I redirect that attention to self. It said to speak wealth and prosperity over myself and that as I release limiting beliefs I will find solutions to my past problems and continue to rise.

I am rising.

-Courtney B. 

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