Random Thoughts

Words that are fun to say :


Shish kabob



There was a point in my life where I did not use profanity what-so-ever. Possibly a 1 to 2 year span. Besides the fact that I was young and should not have been using such language anyway, my disengagement from use was built on an idea I had come up with. I had decided that people only used cuss-words for lack of energy and knowledge they possessed of “better” terms. Not only were they being lazy but they were ignorant to extensive vocabulary. It sounds pretty harsh and it is, but is it not true?

As someone who loves language, dialects and accents = linguistics…I have found that I find speech most intriguing when words I rarely hear are used or when the order of words are switched up in a way that is new to my ear.

I was recently asked can a villain be a villain and a hero at the same time? I think the answer is yes. A Hero has to be a villain to someone who doesn’t believe in what they stand for, and hero to those who do. So we all at some point are villains to someone, right?

My personal question then is can a villain be a villain to another villain? Hmmmmmmm.

In the past two years, I just realized that my mom was an actual person. I know that sounds weird but seriously. In the sense that she too actually had feelings, a past, trauma, even good memories and stories that all attributed to who she is. I believe this is because as a child, I only viewed her as a provider and recently as our relationship grows I know now she is so much more. I wonder who else has experienced this.

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