M.Y.M.M. (Mind Your Money Monday)

Thump In Thought is dedicated and determined to promote and support businesses owned by people of color. As a business owner and a woman of color, I want to be an example and mentor for other entrepreneurs. We’re in this thing called “life” together and together we are GREATER. Let’s put cooperative economics into daily practice and be conscious of where we spend (invest) our money. I hope you visit the websites of the businesses featured. You may find what you’re looking for or better yet, you may find something you didn’t even know you needed.

Shayola, The Artisan

Shayola, The Artisan is a Brooklyn native who’s called Richmond, VA home for the last 20 years.  Shayola is a former mental health professional and home-bound teacher for the private and public sectors in Richmond.  January of 2000, Shayola began to transition back to a natural living lifestyle both personally & professionally and in 2015, created Holistic Alayé pronounced (ah-lay-yay) and meaning (living).  Holistic Alayé LLC was created to share Shayola’s vegan culinary talents and vision with communities throughout the DMV area.  Today Holistic Alayé offers nourishment to mind, body, spirit and currency (economics).  Holistic Alayé is the parent company of Mermaids & Muffins, which offers fresh Yoni Steam Blends, A Yoni Diary (7 part womb workshop), Sacred Woman Treasure Chests & Wombman support tribe.  As well as Return to Your Royalty, a gold exchange company, where we share the art turning paper dollars into an appreciating asset, which is GOLD!  Shayola continues her journey as a Sacred Woman Practitioner, Womb Yoga Dance Practitioner, Yoni Steam Practitioner, an enthusiastic Vegan Chef,  Emerald Green Practitioner, author of 5D Prosperity, A guide to a Light body through DeProgrammimg, DeStressing, Detoxification, Discipline & Discernment and Wealth Builder & Gold Saver!

Website: http://www.holisticalaye.com

Instagram: shayola_the_artisan

Briana Young-Roane

Gypsy Yoga Mama Brand

Website: http://www.gypsyyogamama.com

Instagram: @thegypsyyogamama & @gypsyyogamamatribe


At GYM we are a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping people of color find magic in their everyday lives. We are here for it all! Yoga, Movement & Meditation, Home Decor, Vegan Cooking, Gardening, and so much more. Gypsy Yoga Mama is the one stop shop for everyday magic.

Business Name: Breathe Yoga Studio

Website: http://www.breatheva.com

Email: questions@breatheva.com

Description: A boutique yoga studio dedicated to serve the community. 

Love, Light & Magic,

Briana Young-Roane

Isaiah Parham, Clean Cuts Landscaping

Services provided in Petersburg, Prince George and the surrounding areas. Prices vary depending on yard size.

Services offered: 

Mowing – starting at $25 (includes weed eating and edging) 

Mulch, shrub, flower, and border install 

Bush trimming 

Some tree limbing or cutting (based on the size) 

Call 804-898-2962 or email cleancutslandscaping15@gmail.com for a consultation or for more information.

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