Ancestrally Waisted

How many of you know what culturally based practice displays symbolic colors, patterns, and adornments to commemorate rights of passage, to promote fertility and track pregnancy, to signify birth, to display sensuality, to identify tribes, to acknowledge status and affluence, to empower, to protect, to uplift, to enlighten, to honor, to connect…

…Waist beads

As you can see, I am pretty petite, slim and narrow. I have a shape but I was aerodynamically blessed with minimal curves. However, if I turn to the side, you will see that I’ve had 4 children, the last by cesarean. My stomach is stretch-marked, wrinkled and rounded but when I tied my first strand of waist beads around my torso and let them fall to my hips I immediately felt more shapely, womanly, sexy and confident.

All that from some beads? Well, not just any beads. Let me take you back a bit. For my bearthday I decided that I wanted to make myself a set of waist beads. In true Thump fashion, I began to read and research. Much of what I found, I already had knowledge of so I went on to gather the right beads and other materials. I was ready to create…then I received a call informing me that my GrandmaMece was in the hospital and it didn’t sound good. I went to the hospital to find out exactly what had happened and to be with her. For those of you who don’t know, I took care of my grandmother for years once she was exhibiting signs of dementia. We also shared space often throughout my life, point being I would not leave her by herself. I spent 10 days in the hospital with her and one day at my father’s house before she took her last breath on this Earth. One of the hardest but most meaningful things I’ve ever done.

After that I needed to make my waist beads more than ever. It was therapeutic and restorative. When I pay attention and listen, spirit leads me to do what I need to at that time. Evidently it was time to connect my ancestors with myself and to share my wisdom and skills with my tribe. I made some for my daughters, friends and clients.

On July 5, 2018, I tied on 5 waist beads. July 7, I tied on 3 more and shortly after that, I tied on 2 more. I wore them for just about a year (a few days shy). During that time, I formed a different relationship with myself. I was learning to protect, ground, center, comfort, forgive, love, respect, adore, honor, uplift and celebrate ME.

All that from sacred waist beads.

Today I am proud to announce that I have been working diligently on a new line of waist beads inspired by the African Orishas. The first 3 are Elegua, Yemaya and Oshun. I intentionally incorporated powerful stones, colors, numerology, chakras and holistic healing.

My waist beads are designed to be tied, as our ancestors did. You can wear them however, whenever and wherever. I do believe that the beads come off when the time is right. That may mean they pop or you remove them. Each strand is made to order with individual concerns, issues, desires and aspirations in mind. I also cleanse, charge and bless each strand before sending/giving them to you.

I will debut my new line on July 10, 2020, on Instagram so be on the look out for an announcement. If you’re as excited as I am and can’t wait that long, you can place your order by direct message through the Thump In Thought Instagram page (@thumpinthought) or by email Please put “waist beads” for the subject and be sure to include contact info so we can discuss your wants and needs. I look forward to assisting you. Continue to be blessed and a blessing.

Thump out!

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