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Tracee Ellis Ross is my homegirl.

At this point, I can say that. Tracee Ellis Ross, the daughter of the lovely Diana Ross, is my homegirl. We have an extremely close connection, to the point where I have a collage of her that circulates on the screen when my computer falls asleep. I’m pretty sure she has my picture on her cellular device’s lock screen. Believe it or not…I was there for some of the filming for GIRLFRIENDS.

Any who, my homegirl decided to come out with a new hair line and of course I had to support!

In celebration of my love’s accomplishments I decided to surprise her with a product review of her own brand! ( Or more like Ma Thump gifted me with a Pattern Set for my birthday, and because I love Tracee so much… she is truly my spirit person, I made up this story and I love it along with the truth equally.)

The name of her product is PATTERN.

The product is/was created for women and men alike to fulfill the unmet beauty needs of the CURLY, COILY, & TIGHT TEXTURED community.

To begin I started the process on stretched and well moisturized hair! It had been about three and a half weeks since my last wash. Do not judge me! I waited so long because I was completely out of products and was waiting on my gift to arrive!

While waiting I was sure to be attentive to my hair to refrain from any breakage. I typically only get dry scalp in the very front of my head however, since I was pushing on 4 weeks, the dryness was all over.

To solve this problem I put 2 scoops of raw coconut oil in a glass saucer and warmed it up. I then added 1 drop of peppermint essential oil and 2 drops of lavender essential oil.

After giving it a little swirl I applied to all of my scalp and used the left overs to show my hair strands and ends some love. This simple act left my hair well moisturized for when it was finally wash day!

Here I attempted to use the flash and capture the shininess and moisture my hair exemplified that day.

The first product applied was the hydration shampoo.

One thing I love, love, loved about this shampoo is that it did not make my hair a desert land. Most shampoos leave my hair extremely dry. Shampoos are supposed to remove oils and dirt from your hair but there is often no balance between clean and desert dry. This particular shampoo was a cleansing and hydrating product.

Another plus was that it lathered very well the first time I applied it, therefore the second time was a more in depth cleansing. Typically the first application is always a waste of shampoo as I like to say, making the second run through the first wash in actuality.  

The second product applied was heavy conditioner for coilies.

My favorite quality about this product was the thickness of it. My hair soaked it up and immediately felt fluffy and light. My experience with other conditioners is that is the product would sit on top of my hair and not actually penetrate the strands. No penetration = pointless conditioner. I covered my hair with a plastic bag for an hour to allow the conditioner to really set in.

The last product applied was the leave-in conditioner.

I was initially skeptical upon feeling the texture because I found it to be thin. However it was very moisturizing and ultimately a good thing. If I were to straighten my hair the product would not have weighed my hair down.

The smell of all three products are synonymous: flowers!

Very light, very subtle… just flowers.

I am extremely satisfied with the product and I would recommend it to everyone. On the Pattern Hair Care website there is a curl guide to help you distinguish and learn your hair type. I love how informative it is because I’m sure we have all heard the terms : 4b, 4c, density, porosity and many others when discussing black hair and I personally never knew what they meant. Now I not only have a product that compliments my hair, but I also have an informational inventory that I can conveniently visit and freshen up on my hair vocabulary.

Below are my post-wash hair styles. Real simple, Real Natural .

I hope this is helpful! What products and deep conditioners do you use?

Share with me below. Until Next Time. -Courtney B.

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