Hair, Hair, Hair!

How do you all feel about hair? Is it a huge accessory for you? Do you feel that you having a lot of hair makes you more beautiful ? Do you feel as if a man or woman wouldn’t want to be with you because you have short hair? Are you your hair? What’s going through your head right now? Are these questions resonating with you? 

For me, I’ve always had a head full of hair, for years at a time. A lot of people know of me because of my big go-to curly FRO. With my fro, I felt like it was super dope on me.. like it worked for me, lol..To achieve my curly fro, I’d wash and condition with brands like Herbal Essence, Aussie, and OGX. Then I would dry my hair with a towel or T-shirt and get some curling pudding and roll my hair with perm rods. The next day once my hair was dry, I would take the perm rods out and pick the curls and fluff it out as much as possible. 

Am I my hair? 


Recently I decided to say forget this, “I Am NOT MY HAIR”. With that said,  YES I CHOPPED IT ALL OFF ! Wait … actually my exact words were “F•*•K THIS, I’m cutting it”. At that time I really wanted to get braids and four times, your girl was stood up. That last time I was so frustrated, I went to the beauty supply store and bought hair cutting shears and went home and began the process. 

— pictures 

For about 2 weeks I’ve been trying a new brand and it’s called Canvas Beauty. I paid around $40.00 with a coupon for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. The bottles have pink labels on them, which is what made me want to buy even more, and the brand is black owned, so I felt it would cater to my hair texture a little more than other brands. 

The shampoo smells like cotton candy bubble gum! Meanwhile, the conditioner has a minty smell. Love that about the brand. When I wash my hair with the shampoo it honestly doesn’t make my hair feel any different than other brands. With the conditioner I felt it left my hair feeling super soft and that’s what we want ! 

In this picture I had just finished shampooing for the second time, per directions.

Here i was letting the conditioner sit for 10 minutes while i showered.

These are pictures after the wash and air dried with no other products

Overall, Canvas Beauty Brand was okay to me. I’d give it a 7 out of 10 because the bottle labeling was pretty cute and the smell of it was awesome. As I mentioned before, I thought it would cater to my hair texture a little better than other brands but honestly it reminds me of OGX products with a better smell. I feel it’s for all hair textures, so try it out and let me know how you like it ! 

Remember, “WE ARE NOT OUR HAIR”.

Talk to ya next week! 

Chavon 🤍

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