Celebrating My TNT Sistas

For those of you that don’t know, I am the only Thump in Thought member whose birthday does not fall in June. I am a proud Aquarius baby, but I love my Gemini and Cancer sisters. Being that the first one is this Friday, I wanted to take the time to celebrate, highlight, and show my admiration for them. So, let’s get into it… 

Chavon – 12th

Chavon and I met during my sophomore year of undergrad and we clicked pretty fast. Chavon has such a genuine heart, exerts positive energy, and is always very honest. She gets straight to the point and that’s what I love about her most. I know that I can trust her with literally anything and she knows it’s the same vice versa. Love you Vony Von.

Thumper – 16th
Yall call her Thump, but I call her Ma. Yes, Thumper is my phenomenal, goofy, strong mother and I am her first born. Words cannot express the gratitude and love that I have for this lady. We butt heads often but she has my back always and she knows I have hers. Thank you for always making a way for my siblings and I. Thank you for answering my FaceTime calls even when you don’t want to. Thank you for cooking me meals whenever I come home. Thank you for passing on your knowledge, lessons, giving and caring heart, and the continuous love (including tough love) you give to us. Much love from your first and favorite 😉

E – 18th 

My very first sister. Truth be told, you are my mom’s real first child, lol. I guess we can share that spot. Sometimes, I wish we could go back to when we were younger…playing on the playground, sleepovers, dress up…I miss it and I miss you. I don’t know if I told you before, but I have always admired and looked up to you. You are an amazing mother to your children and the energy that you give off is contagious. I miss you much and I love you forever.

Courtney B. -26th

Courttttt. This is my girl. We’ve known each other since middle school, but really started becoming close in undergrad. We even lived together the year before I moved to Florida and she moved to ATL. She gets me and let me just say, that’s hard to achieve and she does it with ease. Our memories speak louder than these words, so here are some of my favorites: London, much needed vent sessions, our graduation weekend, collaborative dinners (with Wine, of course lol), laughing on cue to prepare for your acting career, Bonefish Grill dates…to be honest we have way too many to name here. I guess I just want to say I can’t wait for many more, starting with your birthday weekend. Love you and see you soon!!

I love and appreciate all these women greatly and I’m glad you are all in my life. I hope you enjoy your birthday month because you deserve it!! 

-Alex aka Ali aka Sunny aka Amica

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