Sacred Spaces

Today I had planned to talk about hair because next week the Thump In Thought team will be reviewing hair care products and sharing regimens. However, I have been spending a substantial amount of time at my alter, that I decided to talk about that instead.  

I use my alter to pay tribute, honor, make offerings, connect with ancestors, the Most High and myself. Two Latin words that alter likely derived from are altarium (high) and adolere (to ritually burn or sacrifice). I would describe an alter as a sacred space to carry out personal, spiritual activities or events that may include praying, chanting, meditating, singing. Each time I go to mine I prepare myself and my space by smudging (burning sage, palo santos or you can use any spiritual, holy, or energetically protective plant). I light candles, different colors, different aromas, depending on the intention. I pour libation (usually moon charged water) into a plant for whoever I want to uplift. I often do some vibrational tuning by ringing bells and playing sound bowls or other instruments also. I have a salt lamp, a diffuser, a feather, a starfish, pictures, and keepsake to symbolize loved ones…I include anything I see fit. And when I’m away from the physical alter that I intentionally set up to stay elevated, I use myself. I am a Sacred Woman and the Most High is everywhere I am because the Most High is within me. I can hold my stone, inhale or wear essential oils, I can put a feather in my hair, and I can sprinkle water on my head, or on the ground (instead of a plant) as I pour libation in honor of…I make it work.

My alter changes design and location but it is what and where I need it to be:

There are no right or wrong way to construct your alter. It doesn’t have to be an extension of religion but it absolutely can be. It can be in a bathroom, a quiet corner, a closet, a garden; it can even be you. I would suggest incorporating different elements that represent energies: stones, essential oils, sound bowls, bells, water, fire. Make it a place that you love to visit, that feels comforting and safe, like home. Where you are free to feel, think, say, or write any and everything that is necessary for your self-care and healing to take place.

Here are pictures of other alters:

Before I sign off, I would like to express my appreciation to all of you who have been taking time at 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM (ET), to collectively pool our powerful energies in prayer. I believe that it will unite us and united we can make things happen. Anyone who is unsure of exactly what they can do, instead of doing nothing…pray.

Feel you at 10:00…Thump out!

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