Remain Mindful

For so long we have become use to a certain way of living. Believing that there is only one way to live life. However in today’s time, a lot of us are branching off and creating a new normal. How your parents or grandparents lived their lives, doesn’t apply to today’s world. Not just based on career, but also based on state of mind.

We are learning to cut ties with what or who doesn’t serve us. As in adding betterment to our peace and/or happiness. Doesn’t matter the length of a “ship”, relationship, friendship etc. If a person or situation isn’t allowing you to maintain your best self, then cut it free. Or you will indeed lose your mind. Metaphorically and literally speaking.

You also have to be mindful of the energy you put out yourself. Not everything is everyone else’s fault. Take accountability, learn from your mistakes and trials so that you can grow from them. We do not grow just to fall back into old habits that had us in a bad mental state to begin with.

Be mindful in how you treat others. Be mindful in what you absorb from people. That beings information, energy, even thoughts. Especially in a time where the majority of the population consumes. It is important to check yourself at the door. Literally! When you feel your spirit is uneasy and/or you don’t have control over your emotions, figure yourself out and see what is the source. The worst thing that can happen is you holding on to any negativity and it causing whatever kind of stress on your body and spirit. Too, you spewing that energy on others. Even if you believe they deserve it in your mind, it in turn will always revert back to you. Kinda goes along with the metaphor of you being a prisoner of your own anger.

Maybe you’ve already seen a different way of living. But now you’ve come to the realization that not everyone around you has “cracked the code” so to speak. They’re still comfortable in the mayhem of society. They’re still ok with not looking at themselves in order to find a way out of the confusion and stress. With that being said, you can’t force anyone to look at life through your lenses. You have to come to terms and expect that everyone’s chapter isn’t the same. Not everyone is necessarily meant to think the same. And that too is okay. We all go through changes at different points in our lives. Just always be mindful of how you maneuver.

Be good to yourself so that you are able to see through the smoke and mirrors and are able to think clearly and be mentally healthy. Especially in today with all of the riots. Yes change needs to come and I believe it soon will (we are strong people). With all of the outrage and anger generating through the media, be mindful of how you absorb all of that energy. Channel that anger into something more meaningful and put in the effort that you are able to provide in order to make a real change. Don’t sit in that anger, allow it to work for you as motivation to do your part no matter how big or small. Every action is necessary.

May justice be served to all the lives lost to police brutality and terrorist hate crimes. May all of your names be forever remembered and your spirits guide us. Ase’

-E ❤️💜💙

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