To Grow or Not to Grow…

Lately I’ve been thinking about my journeys and how much I think I’ve grown. Growth can be defined as a gradual development…of any kind.

I’ve just been growing…

and GROWing…


and cutting and GROWING

Growth isn’t usually effortless. It takes some work or energy being used to fuel the process. Sometimes we have little control over the amount of effort being put forth, or the level of ability, capability and willingness of another person. If you don’t receive what’s needed to develop optimally as an embryo, infant, child or adolescent, your growth and could be stunted. Other times we have interruptions that present challenges that must be overcome before we can begin to regenerate growth. For me, that just makes growing more rewarding.

When I had my last child, I decided to nurse him exclusively, make all of his food myself, and I did not want him to have to be cared for by anyone other than me or his father. That required me to make sacrifices so that I could give him, what I thought was the best that I could give him. I don’t regret any of it. I can see the fruits of my labor (in each of my children).

Growth is not always inevitable but I know that if I take care of, feed properly, nurture, and love myself, my hair, my plants, my children, my mind, my faith: Growth is inevitable. Keep growing & glowing like my big baby-girl, Alex.

Thump out

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