Food For Thought

Greetings all! I hope you had a productive and enjoyable extended weekend. I know I did. I worked in my garden, made plans for several work related projects involving gardening education, put together a greenhouse with my mother and I cooked for and spent quality time with all of my children (future son-in-law included).

I have been thinking about creating a page to share recipes and yesterday gave more inspiration to do so sooner than later. Next Tuesday, June 2, we will post recipes to create a whole meal, from start to finish. We welcome you to join in the Food for Thought recipe exchange and we will feature those recipes in the months to come. The idea is to help each other with meals. I don’t know about anyone else but I know a few people, myself included, that get tired of cooking the same things every other week. Sometimes I just want something new, and complete, and where the recipes are all in one place.

Spending the day with my family, brought to mind family meals and get- togethers in my home as a child. Meals were usually balanced, prepared by my mother or father and we sat down at the kitchen table and ate together. Food was a major part of every celebration. My O’pa used to cook fish and/or shrimp, sweet potatoes and greens or salad, what seemed like every Friday evening. He would call and personally make sure you knew you were invited and were indeed coming. And when he wasn’t cooking anymore, he assigned duties and supervised the event. I refer to it as an event because I looked forward to seeing the family together, talking, laughing, fussing, fighting, crying, cheering, loving, supporting…I miss that. He transitioned in 2014 and that tradition stopped. I want to reintroduce that to my children and I want to encourage you all to join in.

Let’s bring family meals back, discussions and reflections; without cell phones, or television; or separate rooms and different times. If you already do it great, encourage us who may not. If your schedule is tooooo hectic, try to squeeze in one meal a month. If you do that already, try once a week…you get the picture.

If you would like to contribute a recipe, please email them to with recipe as the subject. Feel free to tell us why you chose the recipe, what you liked or loved about it, and if you made any or recommend any, additions or alterations when preparing it. We will post new recipes, the first Tuesday of every month. I’m excited to try your favorite or families’ recipes and possibly see some pics of you enjoying them.

Thump out!

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