A Soft Whisper: Self-Celebration

Someone listening: “That’s a thing? Okay well, when does it take place and exactly when is the right time for a “self-celebration”?”

Lately my perception of a few things have changed, celebrations happen to be one of them. Prior to this cognizance when I thought of the word celebrate I automatically envisioned an elaborate event. An event where there is : a beginning, middle, and end, a color scheme, matching outfits ,decorations, 15 people or more, music, food, and dancing. Something similar to a family reunion cookout, a wedding reception or a baby shower.

There has to be a grand reason for a celebration… right? Those are the only ones worth recognition…

Wrong. Every step in the right direction is worth celebrating and it’s your preference on how big you want to go.

May is National Smile month and celebrations are something that make me smile. Small accomplishments to me are worth a celebration even if it’s me, myself and I. Self-Celebrations help me acknowledge how far I have come and allows self reflection which can be very liberating. I love reading books with chapters because as I progress in the book it gives me a marking point to congratulate myself, a point in which I also take a break to get water and treat myself to a snack or maybe a 5 min phone call lol.  I have a self celebration when I wake up before 9:30am on a weekend because my body a lot of times tells me to sleep until 12pm!

I have self-celebrations when I stick to disciplining myself by fully getting out of the bed and getting dressed for the day before I check into Instagram. I usually rejoice by dancing in the mirror and telling myself that I am amazing, stronger than my desires and able to conquer anything I set my mind to. I even have a self-celebration when I accept criticism without feeling attacked and grant myself the space to be vulnerable with those that I trust.

In this month of May I reflect on the things that make me smile:

  1. Self-celebrations 
  2. Warm days
  3. Flavorful comfort foods
  4. Being thought about
  5. God
  6. Great photos with poppin’ aesthetics 
  7. my mom (she’s pretty funny these days)
  8. A White Gardenia Wick Candle from Bath& Body Works (Hint Hint)
  9. I smile because I’m goofy as heck
  10. I smile because I am blessed beyond all measures
  11. I smile because I have friends that are amazing 
  12. I smile because I can feel myself growing (and growing is not always pretty… I promise)

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