Smile at the Sun

As the temperature is finally starting to warm up and flowers are blooming, it’s the perfect time to get out and get some fresh air. Outside is opening up for some, however we still need to be mindful. So going outside for a walk or a hike is ideal. Plant some flowers or herbs. Create a flower bed, I’ve been think of starting one myself. It would be nice to have some sort of rose garden in the backyard. I love roses, they’re my birth flower. The other day I took the kids for a walk around the perimeter of their school. We even went to the school parking lot to let them ride their bikes around. There’s a variety of activities to do outside to get some of that good vitamin D. It’s a natural source and is necessary for us all. With consideration of individual intake to prevent any medical conditions.

Picture taken on Ko Olina beach, Oahu

“Sun salutation yoga” is a great , peaceful outdoor activity to do as well. Sun Salutation or Salute to the Sun is a graceful 12 step yoga exercise that originates from India. This particular yoga consists of poses starting from upward to downward, then finishing upward. Each pose is also coupled with a different mantra. That being of sounds not words. While embracing all of the suns rays and vitamins.

Just 5-30 minutes of sun a day can help improve your emotional well being. Increasing your serotonin levels. While elevating your vitamin D intake, you’re helping to decrease high blood pressure, improve brain function, and fighting against inflammation. Such things like weak muscles and hair/skin issues come from lack of vitamin D. However, always be mindful and wear sunscreen. And take in as much sunlight that is good for you.

⁃ Orange or Red Koi fish represent “Mother” of the family. Photo taken at the “Valley of the Temples Memorial Park”.

I’m a summer baby, so I’ve always enjoyed the warmth of the sun. The heat of the sun has almost always given me a sense of comfort as well. Its one of the many things that make me smile. On my life journey, I’ve come to realize how much of the sun is honestly necessary to not only the planet but to everyone of us.

The Sun is an alchemy symbol. Alchemy is the transformation , creation, or combination. Spiritual alchemy meaning freeing yourself from your fears, pain, unreasonable expectations etc. As you continue to travel on your own path , there may come times when you challenge your own beliefs. Question and analyze what you’ve thought you once understood. Release what no longer serves you . Then go on to create a clearer reality , so to speak. A better mental being, a better spiritual being. Now that’s just a light overview of course. 😅But just as the sun rises and sets, it’s a journey that I believe never truly ends nor should it spiritually. As we rise everyday to meet new challenges, blessings, lessons, and gifts we must also rest and embrace the beauty in that. So take a moment today and just embrace Mother Nature’s life source. And smile.

Until Next Time, E ✨🙌🏽💃🏽

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