Greetings! I hope everyone had an enjoyable (whatever that means to you) Mother’s Day! I spent mine with all the children that came straight outta Thumper, my mother and my mother’s mother.

Gift to myself from myself. I never disappoint!

Here are some highlights:

I began my day outside, watering my plants and appreciating the Queen, Mother Nature. My oldest son and I did some work on a project I started Friday and had some rose tea in a mug that I’d been given by my youngest son that morning. I also received a beautiful and much needed key chain from my youngest daughter. Excuse the hair; my children made sure I knew how crazy I looked…I was experimenting.

I packed the truck up and headed to my mother’s house for a delicious breakfast prepared by both of my daughters. While breakfast was being prepared, the rest of my tribe and I put the finishing touches on one of the gifts we made for their Ma “C”.

Later that day we went to my Oma’s house to participate in the parade of visitors wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day. We practiced social distancing the best we could. Everyone was not there at once but my grandmother has 4 living daughters, 4 grand- daughters, 8 grandsons, 4 great grand-daughters, 17 great grand-sons, and the first great grand daughter will be here soon; so you can imagine the stream of company was constant.

Love was in the air and smiles were on the faces of my loved ones. I was content.

Excuse the blurry picture but it captured so well how I was and have been feeling.

I am content. The road has been rough and rocky but the rewards have been received with gratitude from not only the path I’ve walked thus far but for the path forged by my mother, and her mother, and her mother, and her mother, and hers. I cherish the time spent with those strong, wise, magical women. The priceless things they have gifted me like my eyes, nose, cheek bones, hair, maternal nature, brilliance, complexion, skills to pay the bills, spiritual guidance, ancestral connectivity.

I know that not everyone has the same opportunity to know, grow up knowing or even knowing at all of their parents or grand-parents. There are ancestors that I never met and wish I had but I also acknowledge that they are in me and I am them. In deepening the relationship, I had with my self I learned things about the women that make up ME. I catch myself saying things they’d say or doing things because I knew they would or would make me. You know many of those same things, if not all, came from the people who made them. Passed down, engrained, genetic and learned traits and characteristics that make us unique and unites us.

Whether that construct of unity is present or lacking you can always create your own family of friends and special people that nurture your growth and surround you with pure love, laughter, honesty, loyalty, kindness and genuine concern for your safety, health and well-being.  I mean if you can create your family why not make it the best. And while we’re making things, I mean if you’re ready go ahead and make an ingredient and to do list to create the right conditions for your mate to recognize you too. Don’t be surprised if, while your engulfed in self learning and self-loving behavior, you will attract what true love really is as it pertains to who you really are. I’m talking about you at the core, the you that’s deeply rooted, sometimes hidden in history and herstory, joy and pain, weeds and walls, lies and life.

Something else I did this weekend was listen to the recording of the GirlTrek organized LIVE discussion with none other than the greats Nikki Giovanni and Angela Davis. The conversation was centered around self-care and survival. In support of the #DaughtersOf Campaign…I am Altamarie, daughter of Cheryl, the daughter of Mary, the daughter of Ruby.  

Thump out!

 If you’d like to learn more about the GirlTrek Movement visit http://www.girltrek.org


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