A Mother’s Love

Easential Oils – Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile and Lavender (for those comforting vibes)

Crystals – Rose Quartz and Agate

Of course it’s known that being a mom isn’t all peaches and cream. It’s stressful at times. Wondering if you’re “doing it right”. Worrying if they are ok, safe, happy. Some days you wanna just be you maybe and have “me” time. But you have a little one(s) who is dependent on you. There’s no duty more rewarding, to me, than being a parent, guardian, or authoritative figure to a life: Being able to have an influence to help raise and/or guide a person through life.


All 3 of my children have such distinguished personalities. And I know everyone mother feels like their children are special (rightfully so). However my kids are out of this world. I just knew for whatever reason they were gonna tell me my oldest was some sort of genius in kindergarten. LOL. Ky’ee is really tech/game savvy and very protective over his little brother and sister. He’s also very particular. My youngest ,Kash is so sweet and kind. Loves to meet people and loooves to learn about anything. He asks and challenges everything till he understands it. My youngest Karmen’s personality is that of a true babygirl of the family. She loves to dance and sing (she and Kash have that in common). She’s very vocal and says what she means. She’s a bit bashful at times too. But she does have that outspokenness that I always wished I had as a kid growing up. They literally always keep me on my toes. And each day they amaze me.


I come from a long line of phenomenal women. Mothers, aunties and cousins. Full of strength, determination, universal smarts and just straight resilience. I always saw my mama as the real life Wonder Woman growing up. And still to this day. I never understood life as a child or the trials as a mother until I became one. Then saw for myself as a grown woman the trials my mama went through. And her mama and her mama’s mama. And how they all always managed to make the cloudy days seem sunny. That’s what moms do to the best of their abilities. Love , project, comfort, and care for theirr babies. I can only hope that my children look up to me the way that I look up to their Yaya (my mama). I watch my mom’s mom (Nana) maintain a whole family line. Some of what she’s learned on her own through life and other things she witnessed from watching her mom. I believe the source of our strength comes from her mom , our Mema. Of course she had her tribe who she learned from as well.

In the past, being a mother meant that your life had to be put on a hold. However we know that , that is not true. As a mother, yes you have a duty to your children, but you can still accomplish your goals in life. Chase your dreams to leave that example to your children. I have a cousin who was a teen mom getting ready to receive her master’s degree. Two friends who are more like a sister , one who recently received her RN and another who’s running a business with her daughter. They all amaze me greatly. And also whether they know it or not, I look up to them as well as women and mothers. Don’t ever think that you have to limit yourself based off of what others may try to take away from you as a mother. And never underestimate a mother either. We have super powers like no other and that IS a fact. 😊

DBoodooFortuneArt / Esty.com

We know that you do not have to physically give birth to be a mother. Many have had the torch passed to them through adoption, relationships , family or friends. Through surrogacy as well . Some of us become apart of a tribe to help raise children. Becoming a sort of role model or mother figure . And we all know that it takes a village to raise life into this world. It all matters and it all counts. Never does it not. However you become a mother into these eyes of a child , it doesn’t matter. As long as you give it all that you got with all the love, time, compassion, understanding, and support. The list goes on. But if a child looks to you as a mother, just know that you’re doing it right. And to handle that responsibility with care.


Being a mother has been amazing. Surprising. Fulfilling. Challenging and scary. One of the best days of my life was when my oldest son was born. It was so surreal. And as literally ground breaking that day was, I was able to live that experience two more times with my youngest son and daughter. I am forever grateful to have them. I am forever great full that they choose my as their “moooommmyyyyy”. ❤️💙💜

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there! Aunties, friends, and family that help to be those figures to people as well. All is appreciated!!

Until Next Time, E ✨💃🏽🙌🏽

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