Behind the Scenes

Don’t Rush they say, but my foot is HOVERING ABOVE THE GAS OVER HERE!

However, patience is a virtue and I doing my best to live in the moment and use this time wisely. Using a calendar or simply writing down what needs to get accomplished throughout the day has be the key to being productive during these days.  Assuming you’ve seen our #DontRushChallenge, in my first setting I was dressed in casual clothes, thinking of a TO-DO list for the day. A book was thrown to me, which was the perfect item being that I am being intentional about making time to read every day.

Reading is fundamental!

In the second clip, a little more about myself was revealed. Let me explain. I am an extroverted being, full of go-go juice! I love to have fun, be with my friends, and dance! I dance while I cook, I dance while I eat, and I love going to the grocery store with Alex because not only do we keep each other focused from buying unnecessary things… we dance in the isles together!

Not the cute structured dancing, more so the off-beat and embarrassing dancing. It’s pretty funny.

It looks similar to this!

SO in short, I miss going out and dancing.

The outfit I was wearing was a multi colored romper with sleeves that stopped at the elbow and the bottom were made into shorts; perfect for the weather that has recently been reaching as high as 84 degrees! Whoop whoop. Plus, you can never go wrong with a romper, you slide into it and whalah, you are dressed and ready go.

Aside from doo-doo green, brown is probably my next favorite color.

I love how it looks on my skin.

*Brown Skin Girl by Beyoncé, SAINt JHN, Wizkid and Blue Ivy Carter begins to play in background

While the color in the romper does have a brownish- mustard yellowish color to it, it’s close enough to brown for me so brown it is lol.

Next, if you were to look closely, I only have on eye shadow, mascara and lip-gloss. I am a simple girl when it comes to make-up. Partly because I don’t know how do it, and partly because I don’t care to. This IS a beat face to me honey, yaaaaas. Lastly, jewelry, I also keep it simple in that department. For the most part, every piece I wear, is an everyday accessory. Less is more.

I immensely enjoyed participating in the #DontRushChallenge. After getting dolled up and listening to music while filming my part, I felt as if I was about to hit the town with my friends and that was satisfying.

Until Next Time Beautiful Beings!

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