Lunar Life

Greetings, greetings, greetings!

I am a little late with my post today because I had several things come up this morning. Health concerns, bruised egos, adult temper tantrums, and idiotic idiosyncrasies. I allowed others to derail my plans for the morning and the discord has been looming.

Luckily for me, and those that must deal with me, we are in the presence of the Full Flower Supermoon. I tend to feel diiferent, focus dfferent and operate differrent, with the various phases of the lunar cycle. Anyone else? Pay closer attention to where and how the moon is next time you have an idea, a breakdown or breakthrough, experience conception or birth, are extra emotional, overly active, or prefer not to interact with others and want to be left alone.

I use the cycles of the moon to be productive and effective in my day to day activities. Most of the time its easier and more efficient to go with the flow; pick and choose battles wisely. Utilize the energy readily available for you to take advantage of. Today I will be releasing negative energy, thoughts and declutter.

Things I normally do the day before, day of and/or day after a full moon;

Set intentions and goals for the next week, month, etc.

Charge stones and water with the moonlight

Make lists of things that I no longer need (people, relationships, feelings, items, etc.)

Reflect and Release

Examine my current mental and emotional processes

Meditate and journal

Soak in the tub for at least 30 minutes, as hot as I can stand it, with dead sea salt (or epson salt), essential oils, candles, flower petals…oh, and love.

Thump out!

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