Get active. Stay healthy.

Okay, I’m going to be completely transparent with you…I have gained 15 pounds since being quarantined, and I’m sure all that good food in London didn’t help. That is why I had a sports bra and leggings on in my section of the #DontRushChallenge, because I’d just finished working out. Some say, “you can’t tell,” “where did it go?” “it doesn’t matter,” but I know I have not been giving my body the love that it deserves. I know I have been putting my fitness to the side, and I know I have not been focusing on my physical health. Yes, this is partly due to all of the changes I had to adjust to, due to this pandemic, but about a week and a half ago I decided to not use that as an excuse anymore. I think my mentality changed to “Why should I put effort into molding a ‘summer body’ when I’m not going to have the summer I planned?” but it’s so much more than that. This realization is not only about my physical health, but when I look better, I feel better (which is why I was dancing after working out), and when I feel better, I do better. 

The biggest change that I have made is getting back to working out consistently. At the beginning of the year, I got a membership to Hotworx, which is basically where you work out in a sauna, and I was going at least 4 days a week. I paused my subscription for March, since I was in London for a week, and now they’re temporarily closed (like everything else). Long story short, I lost motivation. A week and a half ago, my mom called me with yet another challenge (Thump is always up to something or always cooking up something). Now my goal is to work out 6 days a week, and completely rest on Sunday…from everything (working out, school, and work). There are 3 key things that have been working for me as I restart this “getting snatched” journey. No, not getting kidnapped (as my mom would ask) LOL but naturally molding my body to where I would like it to be. If you are joining me on this journey, remember to strive for progress, not perfection.

A consistent accountability partner

Mine is my boyfriend, Isaiah. When I’m feeling unmotivated, he pushes me to reach my goal, and vice versa. When he’s exercising at 100%, it motivates me to go harder. Plus it’s more fun to work out together, to improve together, and we actually look forward to doing that together everyday. Working hard Monday-Saturday, makes us look forward to Sunday Funday even more now. 

Change of Scenery

Working out in the living room gets pretty repetitive and boring, and if you know me, you know I get bored and distracted easily. Other location options include our neighborhood, family member’s neighborhoods (keeping social distancing in mind, of course), the parking lot/front yard, and different trails.

 Isaiah introduced me to this trail about a month ago, since we were limited on what we could do outside of our homes. In total the trail is about 3 miles long and is the perfect spot to go to on our scheduled cardio days. Being in nature is so calming and relaxing, and once I get to the end I am forced to walk the 1.5 miles back to the car.  

The most interesting thing on this route though, are the rocks we find. A few years ago “RVA Rocks,” and painted rocks in general, started trending. I never found, or painted any myself, but I loved the concept and enjoyed the pictures of them on social media. For those of you that are not familiar with this, it is basically a creative act of kindness intended to make someone’s day better. People paint rocks and  leave them places, in hopes that someone else would find them. You can either keep it and paint another one to hide, or re-hide the one that you find. Anyway, I found one on our first walk on that trail (which is why I think I keep going back), and another the last time we went. 

I left the second one there for someone else because I was already having a good day, and figured someone else may need it more. I gave the first one to my little brother though, since it was a Ninja Turtle and he loved it! I then painted another to hide the next time I go. My goal is to find a new rock every time that we go to paint and hide it again. This should keep me entertained for a while, lol.

Eating/Drink Healthier

The numbers on the sides really hold me accountable and motivates me to drink water throughout the day.

Smoothies have also been very popular, with my secret ingredient being chia seeds (props to Courtney for that recommendation over a year ago). I also like to think of my favorite meals from different restaurants to see if I can recreate them. The other night I made a “Chipotle bowl.” Isaiah cooked the chicken on the grill, while I made the corn, beans, brown rice, sauteed peppers, and put the other toppings in bowls. Very delicious. 

“Getting Active” is not about “getting skinny,” it’s about self-love, and giving your body the healthy love it deserves.

LIVE.LAUGH.LOVE yourself first. Until next time. Mwauh 💋

– Alex

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