CUT off…

I would first like to congratulate my crew, my tribe, my babies: on a successful first month. We did what we intended. I hope you enjoyed watching the #DontRushChallenge video as much as we loved seeing how well it turned out.  I had soooo much fun making my clip. The bloopers are hilarious😂🎬. If you only knew what some of us went through during the preparation and filming. Let me share with you some behind the scene/underlying fun facts about the making…

1. I cut my hair: locs completely off after 11 years. People usually ask why…I was ready to cut them and do something else; I was tired of retightening my own locs; I felt I was carrying negative memories, experiences, and energy in those locs; they no longer looked as healthy as they did 5 years ago; I had to…for me. I have managed to keep my hair covered for personal and spiritual reasons since November (when I cut them); I wanted to showcase my new do and shock people while doing so…

Mission accomplished!

2. I decided to use a book as my prop because I think reading is important (fundamental), I enjoy reading, and I’d like to encourage others to: for recreational purposes, as a means to acquire knowledge, to relax, to imagine, to stay mentally flexible. Gemini, the book that I was holding, was chosen because Nikki Giovanni is one of my most favorite activist authors, and I was born mid-June.

♊ Two other Thump In Thought ladies are Geminis also. Can you guess who?

3. I do not wear make-up…at all.  I take that back, I was in a wedding almost 3 years ago, the make up I wore in the video was purchased then and I will wear lipstick occasionally but I’m happy with a moisturizing chap stick or lip balm. Not accustomed to foundation, eye shadow, eye lashes, more eye-brows, a dress…

4. …a short dress. Don’t get me wrong, I have a style of my own that reflects my Gemini personality. I care more about how it makes me feel than how it may look to someone else. I buy what I like but I don’t always get the opportunity to wear. When I saw that dress, I fell in love with it. It was different, it fit me, and it was on sale: over 7 years ago. I have yet to wear it out. As soon as I feel its safe to, I will be finding more places to visit and events to attend so that I can get all dolled up.

I felt refreshed and almost renewed making the video, the same way I felt when I cut my hair. Sometimes you need to revise the version of you that people expect, under-estimate and take advantage of. Sometimes you just need or want to start over, cut ties, free your mind, free yourself. If only it were that easy, right.

Well sometimes it is.

What is the relationship like that you have with your hair? Do you value it’s practical and protective properties or its aesthetic attributes? What about its energetic qualities?

Follow me…People have argued humans are evolutionarily more superior to other species but Insects are the most evolutionary successful members of the animal kingdom on the planet. Structures referred to as hair, on insects, serve as feelers; a pathway between the environment and their nervous system.

 My belief is that we transport energy through our hair and this personal energy can be altered and affected by our interactions and relationships with energy from other sources: the sun, water, air, things our hair is exposed to, including people, and chemicals produced by emotional activity. The root of your hair is fed and nourished by your blood, which is composed in part by elements and electrically charged molecules. The Law of Conservation of Energy taught me that energy can not be created or destroyed: only transferred or changed from one form to another.

But what if it is removed? If our hair does possess and store energy, then it would make sense that cutting would not destroy but remove the energy. By no means am I suggesting that cutting your hair will magically make negative situations positive or non-existent but I am offering the thought that it could make it more bearable due to your boosted self-esteem and improved self-image because you know that cut looks great on you, or that color makes you shine different, or those curls give you that playful attitude reminiscent of your first press and curl as a child.

For a while my energy was off as a result of both known and unknown negative interactions with people. I loved my locs. I learned to listen to, read, protect and nurture my hair. In the process my mind and thoughts were protective and nurturing as well. And guess what I still love my hair only during this book of my life I get to learn to love it differently. I get to love me differently. Loving energy not created or destroyed but transferred from loving others to loving myself, to loving my hair, to loving myself, to loving others…Attitude adjusted.

If you have cut your hair, or if you’re considering it for any reason, please share your pics and/or experiences. I’d love to see and hear about it.

Thump out!

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