A Housewife’s Memoir

Can I have a minute of your time? I’m trying to get a moment of my own time to write to you now. Between my three children and husband, sometimes the “me time” I might set aside comes at midnight when everyone is sleeping. Right now however, it’s 11 am. The kids are eating pancakes I just made ,and my husband is at work. 😅 So im going to take advantage of this time right now.

Rose quartz, Amethyst , Clear quartz… I’m gonna be sleeping with these this week leading up to the full moon under my pillow for calmness, grounding, and uplifting spirits. ✨✨✨

I have two sons 7 years old & 8 years old, and a daughter who’s 4 years old. We always have something going on between playing family board games, arts and crafts, playing outside, reading stories , to random tickle sessions. Recently we went through a whole s’mores kit. That’s our regular routine however. Quarantine has us restless, just as most others. My kids don’t necessarily miss school so much as missing their friends. Luckily, they get to see them thru virtual classrooms . Welcome to 2020 lol. My mom sent them a soccer net set , so now we’re just gonna start training them for soccer olympics or something why not?! 🤷🏽‍♀️😆 They’re gonna have to exert all of their extra energy they’ve found during this quarantine on something else besides trying to tear each others heads off. They love each other dearly but , yup their siblings. We also planted some sunflower seeds and apple seeds.. I tried to explain the process of planting apple seeds to them. They know they’re gonna have to wait a while. 😆

“Love” – Himba Mother and Child by Ciska McCormick

A few essential blending combinations from Lovingessentialoils.com

“Be Happy”
⁃ 3 drops of Orange
⁃ 2 drops of Lavender
⁃ 2 drops of Helichrysum

“Citrus Smile”
⁃ 2 drops of Bergamot
⁃ 2 drops of Orange
⁃ 2 drops of Lemon

** Helichrysum is used to reduce exhaustion, heal wounds and prevent infections

To purchase this beautiful piece, visit culturesinternational.com

My husband and I have been together for almost 13 years. Married going on 8. He’s a sergeant in the military and with the job he has , his schedule is always changing and always long. We’ll have some times when the kids are chilling out or sleeping that we get to watch a movie at least. But we don’t do dates that often, due to being away from family and I not really trusting “babysitters”. So whenever we do go out it’s usually a family outing. Which is of course great also. But mommy and daddy need some adult outings. Somethings gotta shake 🤔 I have time to figure that out since we’re technically shutdown. 😩😆 Maneuvering a millennial marriage while raising children can become kind of tedious. I believe making sure that everyone in my household receive pretty much the same level of affection and attention, while keeping marriage life alive and well is the main juggle right now. On top of making sure I have enough time and attention for myself as well.

Dressing up for the “Don’t Rush” challenge the ladies and I did, was the first time this housewife dressed up in I don’t remember how long ago. I’m trying to tell you when outside opens back up…….. I’m taking the kids out for a fun eventful day, and going on a date with my husband……… And then I’m going out to do hood rat s*** with my friends!! I’m so serious. Listen I’ve watched every decent scary movie on Netflix. With doing homeschooling with my children, I’ve learned all types of new math skills. Even though I’ve kinda been quarantined even before now. It hits a little different now because before I’d have a few hours in the day to myself while the kids were at school. However , I’m thinking of maybe homeschooling them permanently…. Hmmmm just a thought. That’s just the Gemini coming out lol.

I love this image. I’m not really sure of the name or artist , however it is for sell on icanvas.com

It’s safe to say that I’m confident in my mom and wife duties. However, in between getting comfortable with learning how to blog and starting a business, I just need some carefree time. Some mE time. I really don’t drink much, but a nice glass of wine would be nice later this evening. Preferably red. While making a check list of something’s I must partake in:

-Taking the kids to a cool historic place (I use to love “field trips”)
-Going to a retreat
-Get togethers
-Dates with the hubby
-Lunch dates with my homegirls
-Going on a cruise (I’m lying, I’m terrified of being on a cruise)

All of that is going down once it’s safe outside. But honestly there isn’t a “rush”. As eye opening as this year has been, I’m thankful for the lessons and growth I’ve done thus far. Mentally, spiritually, as a woman who’s a mother and wife. All we do in life is grow and learn as well as maneuver. Balance work and home, business and personal, everyone else and self. The month of Mays full moon on May 7th is called the “Flower” moon or “Mother’s” moon. Bringing abundance and birth. Trust that when things may be overwhelming, that you’re giving the best that you can. Remember that with every pure intention there is love. Also try to think of more things you could do for yourself to bring excitement to you. I’m gonna continue to make a post quarantine check list.

Until next time , E 🙌🏽✨💃🏽

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