A variety of things come to my encephalon (the brain) this very moment; pondering the question “What Makes My Heart Sing?”. I’d have to say for me it’s food, fashion, solitude, and positivity- to name a few.


Growing up, I spent most of my time with my grandma. One of the things I remember most is waking up to her singing hymns (old school gospel songs) and cooking a BOMB breakfast every morning; definitely was the highlight of my day! (God rest her soul).

Being around her, in all honesty, I was forced to learn the art of cooking. Not only did she make breakfast daily, but she prepared dinner every night, and when she would finish, she’d yell “ANDY, come eat!” Matter of fact, there were times I would beat her to it and walk in the kitchen and dig in. Food has always been the way to my heart and learning the ins and outs of cooking has allowed me to really appreciate it more and more in this day. While cooking, I’ve come to understand seasonings are everything when cooking! I can remember my grandma not measuring a thing and being in the kitchen with her, I’ve learned to do the same thing. Just like now, when I season, I don’t include measurements, but I go with my gut; I go until my ancestors whisper “That’s enough my child.” Ultimately, I add what looks appropriate for what is being cooked at the moment. I’ll say I don’t always get it right, but 9.5 times out of 10, I DO!

My favorites to make includes pastas, fried or baked fish, fried potatoes and onions, breakfast, baked pork chops, slow cooked beef, and a few others.

I’ve included pics of a few things I’ve made and my favorite wines…

Stella Rosa Black and Stella Rosa Moscato


Fashion! My first love!! I remember in middle and high school staying up for hours on the phone with best friend, trying to decide what to wear. Fashion comes with a creative mindset, being able to have a creative mind and just do whatever with clothes was my thing. Throwing on different patterns, color blocking, wearing accessories, and cute shoes helped me be to be free and confident; it set me a part and helped me to realize, I was she, she is me! I’d wear striped and cheetah prints together and not have care in the world!

Nowadays, I’m working so much, I rarely have time to get dressed and play around with patterns and different colors, especially now, due to COVID-19. Sometimes what I like to do is grab a random piece of clothing and think to myself, “what can I make work with this?” Think of grabbing a blazer. What goes with a blazer? Well of course, some nice pants and heels would be a go-to for most. But not me. Literally the other day, I grabbed a blazer, jeans, and a trucker hat! Oh, not to mention I threw on some sneakers!


The one thing that brings me peace and light is having a space that no one can join! That space may be the bathtub, the car, or just my bedroom; I enjoy having time alone.

People may get loneliness and solitude confused. Although solitude is the state of being alone, it’s the enjoyment of being alone- by choice. Loneliness is a negative state. There were times where I’ve been lonely (negative state) couldn’t figure out what I was doing right or wrong in life. The stresses of school, work, deaths, and everything else I hadn’t quite dealt with from the past had finally caught up to me. People wanted to be there, but even still I felt alone. That negativity turned upside down one day when I began to journal again.

Again, I began to enjoy my time alone. I felt I needed that time to myself. Normally when I want to be alone and enjoy my own company, I go riding around, pray, manifest,  journaling, and my favorite of all, running a nice candle lit bath. Things that exudes positivity and a sense of peace.. My advice to anyone is to enjoy being in solitude from time to time. At times your own company, is in fact the best company. Never allow and compare wanting to be alone and enjoy yourself with being lonely and miserable!


I have many stories that contain positive vibes… but I’ll leave you with this little message and post from my personal Instagram.

In life, there comes negative entities and beings that try to pursue itself within our space. Life itself is certainly an ongoing transformation spurred by many things- one including purpose. When we understand the nature of who we are, we can better move within ourselves. Don’t let negativity weigh in on your life. It’s okay to discard the friendships that have just about run dry. It’s alright if you didn’t get that job you were praying for, that house you have been dreaming of for years, that car you want to be riding in. STOP for a second. Smile. Breathe. Be grateful. BE and THINK POSITIVE

“I can say that I love the fact that I’m ME. There’s been moments in my life where I felt a great deal of weakness, but HE kept me sane and pulled me out of the mud. The strength that I have is amazing and it blows my mind at times, but I simply give all praises to the most high. “I know that I have the strength to be different (I am).. to make a difference.. Even with an empty hand, I have the means to give without thinking twice. I am free to become..to fail.. to learn. I have the advantage of hope. I have the opportunity to love and to be loved. I have the wisdom to know it is all a gift. When I make my decision on how I’m going to live this day (everyday) I joyfully, responsibly, gratefully, face the world and say, “I AM HERE” • Life is beautiful. I want you all to continue to be all you can be. Be that person who brings nothing short of POSITIVITY into others lives. Pray that your God(Higher power) removes all negative beings from your life, so that you can be your best possible SELF. Be happy, be healthy, be better, do better, and BE YOU (vital). May the big God bestow his blessings on you.”

Talk to you soon.


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