Queen of Hearts

If you would have told teenage Thumper, that as an adult, I would be an elementary school teacher or assisting people on their natural hair journey, I would have thought you were speaking of someone else. Veterinary Medicine was my calling, no doubt about it. I loved animals, they loved me, I volunteered at animal shelters and hospitals, I attended summer programs at veterinary schools (Tuskegee, North Carolina State, Virginia Tech), I stayed on the Dean’s List in college, often times with a 4.0 GPA…veterinarian in the making.

I don’t know exactly what happened, but my focus shifted and before I knew it, I had a new love…my Sunny Bunny, my first born. You all know her as Alexandra or Alex. Once I knew I was going to be a mom, everything changed: how I ate, where I lived, my responsibilities, my activities, my likes, dislikes, interests. She was the biggest part of my life at that time and I loved being her mom and her teacher. She was 5 years old when I graduated with my BS in Animal Science with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine, from VSU. When she was in Kindergarten, her principal observed how I interacted with the students, parents and teachers and offered me a part time position as a teacher/tutor. I worked in education from then on. Being employed at my daughter’s school was icing on the cake. My passion for teaching grew and so did my family. I had 2 more children, took a break from teaching full time, and went back to VSU to work on my MS in Biology with a concentration in Molecular Biology and Education. I graduated within 2 years, right before my second oldest child started Kindergarten…see a trend?

While I was waiting for my new position as a research assistant and lab supervisor to begin, I decided to enroll in classes to attain a license to do natural hair. Why? Because in 1998 I made the decision to loc my hair, I was doing my daughter’s and some relatives’ hair,  I wanted to know what I was doing, that what I was doing was right and I wanted to be covered legally since I was providing this as a service (by now I had a few co-workers or friends coming to get their hair done also). One of my classmates had Sisterlocks and I was checking them out. I was considering cutting off my 9 year old traditional locs and starting over with Sisterlocks. I took the earliest and closest Sisterlocks Consultant training in the Fall of 2008 and had my locs installed shortly after. I’ve been providing natural hair services professionally ever since. It has made it possible and easier for me to do other things that I want and/or love doing. 

I’ve been gifted opportunity after opportunity because of my willingness to listen to my heart. I am the queen of big dreams and believing I can do whatever I set my heart on and put my mind to. When my temple is clean(er), free of toxins and blockages and my intuitive mind, heart and gut are in alignment, I can’t go wrong. It’s like my heart plants a seed in my mind (or my mind plants the seed in my heart) and nurtures it into manifestation.

Some think the spirit lives in the heart. Some think the heart houses our emotions. Some think it’s only function is to supply our bodies with adequate blood at all times. There is no disputing the heart is an amazing regulator of what’s removed and what’s supplied, be it:

  • deoxygenated and oxygenated blood
  • pain and comfort
  • pressure and relief
  • blockages and dreams

Our hearts have an inside scoop on the intricate chemical, mechanical, physical and spiritual interactions of our being: internally and externally. Our thoughts, mentality and way of thinking directly influence what we attract, create or invoke in our lives. If the intention is genuine and there is space, the universe will deliver. So free yourself, dream big and strive to fulfill your hearts desire.

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