Chakra Khan

How are you right now? I hope all is well. If it isn’t, I hope you trust that it will be. Today we’re gonna try to get our throat chakra (5th chakra) into some balance. That area is all about expression. Blue representing purity, relieving pain from physical stress. Being at peace and in your truth. Previously, we talked about our root chakra and the healing that comes with forgiveness. Voicing your truth on the path of forgiveness also helps heal your throat chakra. But there’s way more…

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Stones of the Week

• Blue Kyanite – Activate Throat Chakra, Communication, Self Expression,
• Aquamarine – Calming, Truth, Soothing, Cleansing
• Sodalite – Self Esteem, Self Acceptance, Self Trust
• Lapis Lazuli – Wisdom and Truth
• Amazonite – Heals Physical Ailments, Energy, and Traumas
• Turquoise – Spiritual Grounding, Refreshing, Serenity, Wholeness

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Often times we get caught up in the daily routine that we are kind of tricked into. Work-day in and day out, school, home making “the right way”. We lose sight of who we are. We don’t take moments to listen to the leaves in the breeze or the crickets chirping. As cliché as it may sound , it’s important. A lot of us aren’t even aware of how to acknowledge our own spirits. We’re so attached to the superficial. Just take a moment and think about what would feed your spirit.

Now a couple of oils that help open up your throat chakra are Ylang Ylang and Rosemary. However, for the energy that I’m trying to bring right now of fulfillment, happiness and feeling free, I’m going to suggest a mixture of Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon, and Tea Tree. I’m actually really excited for you to try it and let me know how you enjoyed it.

Oils of the Week

• Ylang-Ylang – Reduce Inflammation , Improve Mood, Enhance Libido
• Rosemary – Eases Stress, Relieves Pain, Boosts Mood

More times than not, we get tied into everyone else’s expectations of us that we don’t even truly know what sets us free. We hold onto a nonexistent image of ourselves based on those same expectations. That in turn causes us to stand in our own way and dim our lights. And believe it or not, yes you are magic! You are individually here (even if you came with some matching siblings lol) and your individual presence is a present. You deserve to be free and live in your truth. How do we start to free ourselves and express ourselves more though? I tell you I don’t have all the answers to anything, I’m here healing and maneuvering with you. And again, we are getting there. 😉

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Have you ever meditated? Meditation can really be anything you make it as long as, you find\ peace and tranquility doing it. Within those moments you can find certain answers that you seek. Or even questions you wish to be answered. You can find clarity and understanding to what it is that sets you apart from everyone else. That thing that makes you special: we all have our own thing. It’s just about acknowledging and respecting it. A lot of times we don’t respect the powers that we have or the mountains we can move, because we’re often feeding something else other than ourselves. Those dreams that you once had can STILL be what you accomplish, today, for you. Because YOU want to for YOU.

My family and close friends tell me all the time that I need to take more moments to myself. Which I agree. I’ve been a stay at home mother and wife going on 9 years now. And just within these past 2 years I’ve recently started to find my voice/way in what makes me, me outside of mom and wife rolls. Mainly, career wise and spiritually. There came a point where I literally felt like I was drowning, not knowing who I was. And it hindered me from being the best mom and wife I usually am. I say all of that to say, that you are here on this earth for a reason, this moment is for a reason. Take whatever time that you need to break whatever chains or bad habits, in order for you to live in your best spirit possible. Your uniqueness, flaws and all are necessary. Your awkwardness, silliness, insightfulness, caring, loving, creative spirit is needed! It’s needed to be here to add to this colorful world that we live in. To lessen the blows of the heartache that we as individuals go through. I hope from this point on you make yourself known where ever you may go, with the purest intentions.

Until next time , E ✨🙌🏽💃🏽

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