When Fashion Meets Dance

  1. When you think of fashion what do you think about?
  2. Do you think about Dance ?

✨Most wouldn’t…but I’d love to let you know that there is such a beautiful, relationship between fashion and dance. When I speak of dance, no you do not have to be a professional dancer lol…But I will say many dancers are known to wear outfits that are Functionally Forgiving. They need some sort of flowy or stretchy material when dancing, so that they can move freely to the rhythm of the beat. The art of it all makes me smile when I think about it. The term FORGIVING- in fashion, came about a long time ago in which there may have been or still is some controversy behind the term- as some people feel its geared towards body shaming. That’s not my intentions at all here. Forgiving (in fashion) to me, means to wear items that are comfortable—stretchy and flowy materials. Over the years, I’ve learned not to try and think too deep into matters as such. With that being said, let’s hop into it ♥️


🌹Photograph from Downtown Magazine🌹

The dress the dancer is wearing is so beautiful. The art of dance and how fashion can be in correlation with one another gets me super excited. Look how free she looks. Confidence.

🌹Photograph from Harper’s Bazaar🌹

This was taken from a fashion show inspired by dance. The idea is to wear outfits that make you FEEL like you’re “gone with the wind”.

✨Photograph from My Modern Met✨

Fitting at the top, but flowy throughout the rest of the dress.

✨As you can see, I’ve chosen some outfits with the color red. Red symbolizes a lot of things such as energy, passion, courage, romance and so forth. When I think of red I think FIERCE! What color makes you feel fierce?

You don’t always have to be fully dressed when dancing. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Whatever best suits what your dancing to; the vibe of it all is what you’re going for.

🍂PHOTOGRAPH from Critical Dance

I bet they are feeling relaxed and free in these dresses. Imagine the way they sway in the wind, with grace. The different shades of brown gives me humble vibes. A sense of honesty, loyalty, warmth, elegance, sensitivity, calmness, and comfort. THIS PICTURE SCREAMS “DANCE, be FREE”.

✨This next section is very dear to my heart. Not only does this specific photograph symbolize beauty, dance, grace, and FORgiving outfits- but it is my dear friend Alex, who in fact dances. She has been dancing since a little girl and absolutely loves it- Her first love. Well, I will have to say Fashion makes me dance. But, this girl here ? What makes her dance? … It’s the simple act of being able to throw on a leotard and move to the rhythm of ANY beat! Your own beat. Now, that’s almost as beautiful as she is🤍

🌹One of my favorite photos of Alex in her Ballet Slippers🌹

✨✨If you’re one who is interested in “FORGIVING FINDS” that you may possibly want to go out and dance in with friends-I’ve included some photos below for you! You can also learn how different fits or styles can enhance or slim your shape✨✨

♦️More Forgiving Finds-Night Out/Night In♦️

Model found on Asoph.com- She is wearing a size 2X Peplum Dress and look at how the color and the PEPLUM is working together. She will for sure be seen out and about with this combination. Her shape is so lovely and the peplum at the waist makes her silhouette POP even more. I’m telling you ladies, PEPLUM IS A GO. ALWAYS.

This is the view from the backside. The detailing is awesome! The orange color here is giving me SUMMER vibes.

Red Fitted peplum dress- picture from google

Super Covered. Super Classy. You can tell that this woman has curves and with the peplum detailing it gives her that extra curvy appeal. Look at how much smaller her waist appears.

Here I am wearing a Belted Mustard Color Velvet Blazer with Leather Thigh Boots. This is a, night out with the girls, type of look (yes, I can dance with heels on) A TRUE BAD GIRL!. You can’t really tell, but I was extremely bloated, and nothing was fitting right. before I found this blazer. The belt and the overall make of the blazer covered my bloated belly with ease. The belt sorta snatched my waist in a little more and the forgiving material of the blazer just flowed over my belly. I loved it so much!

🌹Photograph from GLAMOUR🌹

Rihanna is wearing an earth toned sweater dress. This dress can be dressed up or down. You can wear this as a lounge around outfit around home or out for dinner or dancing. With this material you’ll have more than enough room to move around and dance.

This concludes my post for the week lovely’s. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, think about what makes you dance and what forgiving outfits go along with it! BE BLESSED!

Until next time.

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