Today’s Present

Take a deep breath, try holding it in for 7 seconds. Release it slowly… Let’s begin to tap into our root chakra. Go a little deeper and better understand: why we are so guarded, overly cautious. Maybe discover reasons why those walls are so tall. No matter how much anyone tries to climb them, they just grow higher. It’s time to get into some FORGIVENESS. A word that flows so freely but can be very difficult.

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover that prisoner was you.”

Lewis B. Smedes

✨✨✨Get your oils and crystals ready✨✨✨

Oils for the week: Bergamot – reduces anxiety, nervous tension and stress Patchouli – mood uplifting, nerve stimulant Ylang Ylang – lessens pain, encourages communication

Crystals for the week: Amethyst – helps neutralize pain, emotionally healing Bloodstone – brings love to situation, used to clear blockages Red Jasper – reinforces connection to the earth, support during releasing process

I always trust that I treat people how I want to be treated, until the gesture isn’t returned. At that point that’s when the whole defensive mode kicks in and I turn off a person’s access to me. I want to maintain my peace of mind as much as possible. Keeping genuine love and energy around me is what I have become more concerned about, socially. It really doesn’t matter who or how many I have in my corner. It’s the quality of my tribe that I am proud of. So, whenever it came a time when I was “wronged”, so to speak, it’s hard for me to act like it never happened. Like everything is ok, nope!… Bear with me, because we’re gonna try to figure this out together. Lol. I myself, am still trying to learn this thing called “forgiveness”. As I’m writing this message to you, I think to myself: Imagine never being able to truly understand the act of forgiveness. That would be assuming that I myself am perfect. 🤔 I know that I am far from that.

Let’s open up our root chakra with some Patchouli oil and really flow through with some truth. Honestly, my idea of forgiveness is never speaking to the person ever again. I know what was done, I see how you move, I’m not going to deal with it again. Goodbye. I really believe that method is acceptable. Is it not? I’m starting to think that maybe it isn’t necessarily. It might be something like putting a band-aid on a wound. It’s covered and out of site, but it needs air to breathe. I shut it down and clock out , but do I ever actually heal from the hurt? Do I ever really grow from the situation? Understanding and clarity are the two biggest factors, I believe, that go along the path of forgiveness. What we always want to know is , “Why?” Why we were hurt? Sometimes (a lot of times) we never get that answer. More often than not, if we do it’s not the answer we were looking for. We may not even get an apology! Even then we still have to find a level of sense that allows us to let go and continue to live, and not hold grudges. As most of us have heard before, it hurts a lot less to let go and move on. Wish the best, as hard as it may be. AND BABY IT BE HARD! 😩😅 But it’s necessary. Healing is always necessary.

Grab a hold of your Jasper and protect and stabilize your energy and thoughts against any dis-ease or dis-comfort that can accompany conflict resolution. We’re not trying to consume ourselves with any trauma, at the moment. But just to gain some clarity and identify what needs to be released.

A LOT of times we have to forgive ourselves. Forgive ourselves for what we didn’t know. The way we handled a situation. The way we treated someone. The things we neglected. Time that we may have gave away too much of that really wasn’t significant. We can never go back to change anything. But sometimes we lay awake at night replaying certain scenarios just wishing they could have been different. Forgive yourself. You live, learn, and grow. Let it go. Have understanding for yourself that life happens, and that you’ve learned something from your mistake. And it’s ok, we’re human. Some mistakes are ok, as long as we learn from them. As well as, learn to let go. There are even times in forgiveness, when we have to forgive in order to mend a ship. Whether it be friendship, relationship or family ties. Not all bridges are meant to be burned, not all cords are meant to be cut loose. Like we stated before, forgiving with the sense of understanding.

We’re getting there…❤️

Hold your Bloodstone close, to cleanse and align your root chakra to your heart.

Truly? That hurt trickles down and creates a mental bondage. Not allowing you to love as you should. Receive love as you should. Forgiving is understanding that a person’s actions may have had nothing to do with you at all. But the way they saw themselves. The survival traits they had to learn through life in order to survive. Forgiveness IS understanding. However, it DOES NOT mean accepting. Remembering, without the hurt or the anger. Being gentle, or more kind with yourself. Forgiveness is for yourself, for your spirit. So that you can be at peace. In the present. Forgiveness is taking away the power that a person, situation, or negative energy has on you. You deserve to be happy, loved, valued, and at peace. We all do.

Now that we’ve come to some realizations, maybe had to relive some past situations to see where our conversation may apply, let’s ease our energy a bit with some Bergamot essential oil. Some say that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. So, release the negative energy from your body and spirit that does not serve you. Let’s dance and celebrate realizing that we really are able to break free from the hurt. We have it in us to forgive. Skin glows even brighter when we’re able to have a forgiving heart. It literally heals our heart! We can appreciate life so much more without those shackles. The weight lifting and that easy complete breath is so reassuring. In this present moment, we are here in the present and not the past. The present is literally a gift within itself. As the past was a lesson not a punishment. So don’t punish yourself by the anger… Forgive, let go, and HEAL.

Boost your mood with some Ylang Ylang in your diffuser. That was some deep ish we had to get through there! 😉☺️

Until Next Time, E ✨⚛️

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