Fashion While Quarantining?

How are you adjusting to quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic?

It has turned most of our lives upside down for sure. It has indeed been quite scary and humbling for most people. Schools have shut down and majority of non-essential businesses are closing or already closed! Yes, this in fact includes clothing stores that may or may not have contributed to OUR bad shopping habits (haha)…I can tell you now that during this time it’s pretty awesome having online shopping that’s still available for people like me. People who love to shop that is.

Even in trying times like this, you can still dress up and feel good about yourself while cooped up in the house! Although I don’t have the luxury of working from home, I’d still love to share how we can keep it cute while COVID-19 is trying to steal our shine!

Silk Leopard Print Top with Butterfly Sleeves; Black Biker Short Onesie; Amethyst on a Gold Chain

While some are in quarantine and working from home, we still want to feel cute and comfortable right? Well, let’s think about color. Depending on the day my mood, has a lot to do with what I wear. I love earth tone colors, as seen in the photos above. Rarely will you see me in bright colors. BUT…you need to know that WE FEEL COLOR more than we see it. For instance, green and white makes me feel calm, fresh, and sort of earthy. Pink is a color I wear to feel more so feminine and literally every time I wear it, I do!


Before I hop straight into this look, while you’re in the house it’s okay to have a natural face…but from time to time a quick brow touch up and a cute lip will make an outfit come together even more!

This baby blue/powder blue is giving me the feels. I, actually turned this pajama set into an outfit one day. Literally, you can pair the top with some cute jeans and a cute little heel (clear glass slipper if you will, minus the fog… jk) Anywho, back to it! This color really makes me feel super relaxed. This set is perfect to lounge around in at home. Some may say, that the color blue symbolizes sadness, but it all depends on the person honestly.

This is my mom’s Baby Blue Pajama Set with Brown Flowers
Another Pajama Top – Navy with Flowers; This picture was taken last year sometime.

Here I paired black shorts with the pajama top. You can definitely wear this out and about to do your daily routines such as grocery shopping or even gardening. I tied a little knot in the front to give a more laid back look. In my eyes, a win for working from home to say the least.

“Several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy — using colors to heal. Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colourology and is still used today as a holistic or alternative treatment “

Whether we are working from home, self-quarantined, or what have you- let’s remember that we must find ways to uplift not only ourselves, but each other. My way of uplifting myself is through fashion. Set your mood for today, next week, next month, and the years ahead with an array of powerful options through color.


2 thoughts on “Fashion While Quarantining?

  1. What a great post! I never thought to select colors to enhance my mood. I usually just go for whatever suits the occasion. I will now be more intentional about this, as I believe it can help to set the tone for the day. Almost like setting your intentions with your outfit…I love it!


    1. Hey there! Super excited you were able to take away something from this post! Definitely wear what suits the occasion, but why not find a color that’s going to set the tone for the day ? I actually came across the idea that color can make us “FEEL” a few years ago. Ever since, I’ve kept that idea with me! Stay tuned for next weeks post!

      -Chavon Parker


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