Aromatic Healing

Close your eyes. Take a moment. Understand that;

  1. You are here
  2. You are safe
  3. All is well in this moment

Most of my life I’ve dealt with anxiety. Recently at the age of 27, I discovered that sometimes a breath is all it takes…Sometimes 🙂.

About four years ago, I learned the benefits of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years, but most do not know the benefits of it. Holistic healing includes using aromatic plants and oils to care for the body. I choose to appreciate the benefits of aromatherapy, simply because of the strength that it allows. Focusing on self while healing the spirit from the inside out.

Aromatherapy is actually quite fun and intriguing. Exploring healing through flowers, how could that not be right? 🥰 You want to relax, there’s scents for that. Wanting a boost of energy, there’s those for that. Needing to increase your libido there’s those for that as well but we’ll get to those another time. 

A diffuser in your home or work is great to have. There are also all kinds of jewelry that you can purchase so that you can wear your oils. Finding which essential oils speak to your spirit; blending them and adding them in while you sit in a quiet space. Listening to your body and relaxing your mind. Knowing that you are in control of your reality…… It’s peaceful, yes? ☺️ 

During a time of what most would sense as utter chaos, taking a step back and breathing is essential. Relaxing your mind, body, and spirit in order to not lose your peace of mind is important. There are so many plants and oils to explore, however Lavender and Frankincense are two great essentials especially in this time. Lavender for relaxation and Frankincense for stress relief.

It’s important to not lose your sense of self right now. Take some time, look into yourself, face some fears, and heal what’s been hurting. Communicate what needs to be spoken. Write it down. Have healthy interactions with your household. And always remember to breathe. 

Take Care Until Next Time, E 🌞✨🌊♊️

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