Who Am I?…Iesha

Good day 🌞 My name is Iesha, but everyone calls me E. I am a 27 year old (Gemini Gang ♊️☺️) wife and mother of 3. Also, owner of InerG’E LLC. I began my spiritual journey about 3 years ago. My family and I moved hundreds of miles away from home, due to the fact that my husband is in the military. As a woman, wife, and mother I was forced to stand on my feet. Face myself and heal myself. I’ve always been such a big empath. Often caring so deeply for others, even more so than myself. I eventually found the strength and power in self-healing. Looking into yourself and confronting your flaws. Whether that be accepting them or growing apart. Being aware of your spirit. Respecting the battles that you’ve won in this life. Even now as I’m writing this to you, I’m speaking to myself. It took a lot of years of being in “limbo” to begin this journey. I don’t believe that it will ever really be finished. While on this path I wish that we all continue to heal. Fight, reflect, conquer, manifest, and fight even more if need be.  We are all survivors in some form. Respectfully. We all have the strength of our ancestors, marching behind each of us. So together walking this earth, we are stronger. My wish for this blog is that you can connect in some way. See or hear yourself. So that you too can either begin or continue to heal yourself.   


-E 🌞✨🌊♊️

3 thoughts on “Who Am I?…Iesha

  1. I look forward in learning how to self heal sometimes you think your doing it right it you can still have those feelings buried deep and they peek out every now and then!


  2. Love this 💕 keep going girl. I’m excited about what’s to come. Learning to heal has been one of my top priorities. Learning that healing and forgiving are two different things. Healing is the actually the hard part.


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