Who Am I?…Chavon

Hey Y’all! I’m Chavon Parker, most call me Von, Voni, Voni P, or just plain ole Andy. Yes, Andy! (Andy has been my nickname since a baby) I am a country girl from a little town called Stony Creek. I’ve been in Retail Management since the age of 18 and I absolutely love it! While, I do have an Associate’s Degree of Liberal Arts from Richard Bland College of William and Mary, I’m also working towards my Bachelor’s of Business Management with a Minor in Fashion Merchandising. I will say that I’ve taken a little time off from school to focus on what coincides with my happiness and one thing being my love for fashion.

The purpose of my section of this blog is to show you all that THERE ARE NO RULES, WHEN IT COMES TO FASHION. While fashion is a thing, STYLE is EVERYTHING. Fashion is not about appealing or seeking validation from others, but it should be used to set you a part and make you feel good when you step out! I’ll share how different looks personally make me feel from within and how perception and self-expression also plays a part in fashion as well. You never know what you’ll get as the weeks go by, but as far as my postings, I’m free to be me and I want you to be free as well. Transparency is what you’ll get from my section of this blog, without a doubt. If there is ever, anything you’d like to contact me about regarding fashion or maybe just need a listening ear, please feel free to do so! Super excited, oh so delighted as you join me on this new adventure!


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?…Chavon

  1. I look forward to learning more about fashion and implementing my style more and more. I am a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl so I need to bright my horizons!


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