Who Am I?…Alexandra

Hey, hey! I’m Alexandra, but my friends call me Alex and my family calls me Sunny. I am currently a first-year graduate student pursuing my Master’s in Higher Education/Student Personnel. As I am balancing working 40 hours a week, being enrolled in a full-time graduate program, and maintaining a healthy social life, I have been a strong self-care advocate. If you don’t have a healthy self-love relationship, then that affects other aspects of your life. From someone that has battled with severe anxiety, the purpose of my section of this blog is to educate others on the importance of self-care, self-love, and a focus on your mental health from a personal perspective. I will also share coping mechanisms and self-care practices that have worked for me. Please feel free to reach out to me with any personal requests on what you want me to share on this topic, or your personal experiences as you learn to love yourself first. This is a safe space so don’t be afraid of vulnerability and accept that sometimes you have to be comfortable with uncomfortability in order to grow. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Live.Laugh.Love yourself first. 

4 thoughts on “Who Am I?…Alexandra

    1. Thank you for joining me on this journey ✨ Be on the lookout for my post this Wednesday, as it will be more personal and I will show the power and the good that can come from being vulnerable.


  1. Love this. Everything I need. Looking forward to see more about self-love, it’s not as simple and it sounds. Realizing that as I go.


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