It’s all Relevant

“Perhaps the secret of living is not in having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company”

Rachel Naomi Remen

I have spent much of my life searching for answers. Answers to life’s questions, my questions, and the questions of others. The desire to know coupled with an innate understanding that everything is connected and influential has led me here. It’s been an interestingly rewarding and awakening journey thus far, unveiling insurmountable truths about myself and my environment, past and present. Appreciating the ups, downs, anticipated curves, unexpected bumps, obstructed views, and necessary detours along the way, Realizing that it’s all relevant to my growth and written in the stars for me to decipher. In so many simple and complex ways every action, event and word effects something or someone.

To achieve balance we must acknowledge the fact that we live in an intricately interconnected world where every step taken moves the world.  Five years ago, my entire world was disrupted, to say the least. I began to analyze my thoughts, decisions, actions, intentions, patterns, goals and dreams. I began to see the beauty in everything and to appreciate every aspect of the process, on purpose, not just because the rain was gone. Finding beauty in undoubtedly evil, hurtful or painful situations can, at times, be extremely difficult: seemingly impossible. As challenging as it was, the difficult roads often led to beautiful destinations and I was forced to get to know myself more intimately and others more intently. There was an exchange of information and ideas which made it evident that a platform was needed to explore topics, share useful information. A community of support, a safe place to be naked…a blog.

The thought was conceived, I invited a select few amazingly unique women to contribute their time and energy, they accepted, the stars aligned, and in divine order Thump In Thought was born.

2 thoughts on “It’s all Relevant

  1. Creative to creative. Stay consistent in this journey. The beginning is inspiring and exciting, it can get discouraging and frustrating and you might even want to quit. DONT ! Keep going and never lose sight in the vision


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